STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #50 - Winners of the FINAL ROUND - "Happy Vegetarian Holidays!"

"Good food is a celebration of life" ~ Sophia Loren.

Those of us who eat well (ie actual food, not all this other stuff pretending to be food) probably do so because we choose to.  It's frequently tricky to find real food items, and the artificial or otherwise modified products are in abundance.  So we have to trawl round all these different shops searching for ingredients... and you don't put that much time into something unless it really matters to you!  

It's a lot easier to opt for the cheap convenient products, and half the time it's not even really our fault we buy them.  The fact it's so difficult (or even impossible) to find real ingredients means we're being pushed to purchase the fake food. There's certainly enough demand for the real, natural, organic, high quality, so it's nothing to do with lack of demand.  I struggle even here in the remote countryside, and it may surprise you but there's nowhere local to buy fresh vegetables or eggs or milk etc... It's all shipped in from elsewhere.  

Perhaps you have a different experience in your country, but here in the west (I'm in Ireland, but the same is true for England and America at least) the fake food industry has taken over.  And what a profitable coincidence that whilst people are getting sicker, the so-called 'healthcare' industry is benefitting nicely... (Hmmmmmmm... just taking a moment to add 2 + 2 here).  It's entirely up to us to discern what's true and what's not regarding the advice provided by our healthcare systems and education systems and governments, etc etc etc.  We have to inform ourselves about the facts, and make wise food choices because if we want good health, we can't have it by consuming rubbish.  That's the truth!!!

So, the focus of my blogging from now on will be concerned with health promotion and creativity.  In all conscience I can no longer upvote recipes containing harmful ingredients (anything from sugar to preservatives, it's all bad) or promote any other posts that encourage use of harmful products... even if the post was done by a beloved friend!  Sorry, but in my view it's not really any different to encouraging a cocaine habit or something else harmful... and I think it shows more love for your fellow humans if you don't support unhealthy choices.  We don't have to preach at people or even say anything at all, just lead by example, that's all we can do as words are usually of little effect unless that person desires change.

I suppose I could have altered the SCC a little and banned the use of harmful ingredients, but I know it would get frustrating for everyone as most people don't even realise they're using something harmful, such as stock cubes, canned soup, packet sauces/marinades etc.  So instead I'm starting fresh with my "Make It Healthy" project after the new year, where there will be no fuzzy lines as healthy is healthy is healthy!

So, without further waffling we can take a look at the entries and the winners.  Many thanks to our guest judge @givemeyoursteem for choosing the theme and also the winners!  She really admired all of your recipes and didn't find it an easy task, but hey, here we have some winners!

I just want to thank former host @englishtchrivy for handing the SCC to me back in March (...Ivy, I hope you realise how much the both gesture and the hosting meant to me!)  Also many, many thanks to our generous and loyal sponsors @gringalicious and @sirwinchester.  Thank you so much to all the Steemians who entered and supported this final round ever of the SCC... I appreciate your participation and all the effort you put into preparing your recipes and making them look so beautiful!  I do hope you will join me in making it healthy when I return in the new year!  Until then guys, all the best for the holidays and I wish you all days filled with love, peace and special moments.  Slainte!

"Orange Cupcakes With Poppy And Cinnamon For Winter Party!" by @babettxx

"Happy Vegan Holidays Feast" by @amy-goodrich

"Vegetable, Cheese and Fruit Sandwiches" by @blackberryskunk

"Vegan Feast" by @marzi

"Festive Cauliflower Wings" by @lenasveganliving

"Curried Creamed Eggs in Onion Cups" by @grannycooks

4th prize 5 SBD sponsored by @sirwinchester

"Vegan Feast" by @marzi

3rd prize 8 SBD sponsored by @gringalicious

"Orange Cupcakes With Poppy And Cinnamon For Winter Party!" by @babettxx

2nd prize 10 SBD sponsored by @gringalicious

"Festive Cauliflower Wings" by @lenasveganliving

1st prize 12 SBD sponsored by @gringalicious

"Happy Vegan Holidays Feast" by @amy-goodrich

@woman-onthe-wing's "Make It Healthy" Project!  

Tag your healthy recipes and health-promotion posts with #makeithealthy... Let's share our knowledge and creativity for the good of others... Let's make good health a reality for all who desire it!

#50 - Happy Vegetarian Holidays! - FINAL SCC ROUND

#49 - Dessert Challenge: Cakes & Pies!

#48 - A Unique Lentils Dish That Was Never Seen Before!

#47 - A Hearty Dinner for a Ravenous Rambler

~~ A YEAR OF 1st PRIZE WINNERS!  SCC "Hall of Foodie Fame" ~~ 

#46 - Apple  

#45 - Vegan Buddha Bowl  

#44 - Chocolate Crazy Dessert Divine  

#43 - Autumn Feast Special  

#42 - Beautiful Bread  

#41 - Monochrome  

#40 - Mexican Food Showdown  

#39 - Baby Food  

#38 - Vegan Dishes From Around The World  

#37 - Healthy Yet Tempting Food for Children  

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#32 - Picnic Alfresco  

#31 - Vegan Main  

#30 - Tempting Tarts  

#29 - Take Me To Brunch... In Your Country  

#28 - Cupcakes  

#27 - Be A Michelin Star Chef For One Night  

#26 - Sugar-Free Raw Vegan Desserts  

#25 - Your Favourite Dish  

#24 - Mouthgasms  

#23 - Otsumami  

#22 - Mediterranean Night  

#21 - Coffee a la Barista's  

#20 - Pancake Paradise  

#19 -  Sweet and Savory Crepes  

#18 - Tasty, Wholesome Meals for Weight Loss  

#17 - Shepherd's Pie  

#16 - Tacos for a Tech Savvy  

#15 - Roast It 


#13 - The Finest Fish Dish  

#12 - Purely Paleo  

#11 - Cheeseless Burger  

#10 - Anglo–Sino Chicken  

#9 - New Year on a Platter  

#8 - La Pasta Perfetta  

#7 - Battle of Noodles  

#6 - HOT Off the Grill  

#5 - Unorthodox Chillied Dish  

#4 - Super Salads  

#3 - Smoothie Showdown  

#2 - Out of the Box Sandwiches    

#1 - Sniffle Remedy Soup

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