Shauner's 30th Splinterlands Brawl Report - PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish Guild


Welcome to my 30th #BrawlReport as part of the PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish guild! This is the brawl that ended around July 2, 2022.

I was battling in Fray #1 for this brawl. I usually finish much higher in our rankings when I'm in Fray #1, but I had a couple of tough losses against these opponents.

PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish Results

We earned 15 crowns and 808 merits for taking 3rd place in this brawl. The top 3 ranked guilds were very close this time around with only 3 wins separating us from the #1 placed guild. Lately there seems to have been a big gap between the first place guild and the second and third place, so this was a nice change. It also proves just how much each battle matters in these brawls.

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Battle #1

Watch the battle.

This was a good first battle for me and pitted my Yodin strategy against a magic attack opponent. There were a lot of battles in this brawl that used the back to basics buff and stripped all abilities from monsters. This effectively neutralized my gladiator card until it enters the tank position. This strategy relied on the blast ability from the Yodin card and many range attack monsters to take advantage of the +1 range attack benefit.

In battles like these when Back to Basics is in place, you want to put some high health monsters up front since your opponent won't be able to use any sneak, snipe, or opportunity abilities. By using a summoner like Yodin, I can make sure that the downside of not having sneak, snipe, or opportunity can be somewhat offset by having my damage spread out a bit more with the blast ability.

Battle #6

Watch the battle.

I really screwed this battle up. I'm not sure why I didn't use my Llama card here, but using Mylor Crowling didn't do me any favors here because my opponent didn't rely much on melee attack.

Many times with the gladiator cards, there's an element of luck in whether the gladiator kills an opponent card or not. If you can manage to have your gladiator make a couple of kills early on, the Bloodlust ability will boost its stats significantly and make it virtually unstoppable. My opponent here had that advantage as well as using a double healing strategy to ensure that the gladiator in the tank position would be virtually unkillable.

I'll be sending 10,000 SBT to @known4knowledge for kicking my ass in this battle with a great strategy.

Battle #7

Watch the battle.

This battle had a healing block buff in it, which is always a killjoy when I want to use either Kron or a healing gladiator. But, I decided to go forward with the gladiator card anyway and combined with Llama to give an extra boost should it be the last card standing.

We both used Mycelic, albeit in different positions, so all the first few attacks went to that monster. With the Super Sneak buff in place, that means once the Mycelic is defeated, melee attacks will target the last monster. The risk here is that without the healing ability, my Quora Towershead may get knocked out too early - and that's exactly what happened. Because of this, I was easily defeated. Another poor strategic plan on my part.

I'll be sending 10,000 SBT to @ambek as a reward to beating me in this brawl with a superior strategy.

Final Thoughts

This was one of my worst performances in Fray #1 in recent memory. Looking back at my battles, there were just too many little mistakes being made that my opponents took advantage of given the specific battle buffs.

I'll be in the highest Gold Foil fray next brawl as the sacrificial lamb, but also going to be testing out my new Gold Foil gladiator card that I managed to get in my last pack opening! It will be interesting to see if it will make a difference in these high level frays or not.

What is the #BrawlReport?

kennysgaminglife spearheaded the #BrawlReport project as a way to get PIZZA guild members more engaged in the @Splinterlands community. Here's what he had to say:

Starting with the brawl that just ended, I've invited/asked members of the #HivePizza guild to publish a #BrawlReport, breaking down their highs & lows, where they need help, questions they have, strategies they love, and so on. The idea is to help us all reflect a bit, learn a bit, share a bit, earn a bit, and connect a bit :-)
Any other guilds interested in publishing a #BrawlReport, either as individuals, or one for the whole guild, I'm happy to send some curation love your way!

Check out the latest update on the Hive Pizza token project. We also have an announcement in there about the newest PIZZA guild! We are up to four Splinterlands guilds now and are consistently well-ranking.

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