Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge: The Haunted Spider


In this week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge, we are showcasing the Haunted Spider from the Death Splinter.

Theme of the Week: Haunted Spider


The Haunted Spider is a card that really shows its value once it reaches level 4. That is when it gains the poison ability. But without it, the Haunted Spider isn't very useful as this battle shows.

The Rules and Set-Up

  • Fog of War & Odd Cards
  • 12 Mana Cap


Summoner: Zintar Mortalis

  • Position 1: Haunted Spirit - In a low mana cap battle, its healing would be useful.
  • Position 2: Shadowy Presence - Low mana card to build a gap between the Haunted Spirit and the Haunted Spider
  • Position 3: Haunted Spider - To provide some range damage from the back to support the Haunted Spirit.

How well did the strategy work?

The battle didn't go as planned. The Haunted Spider's low health was an immediate target for the Serpentine Spy's opportunity ability where it targets the weakest opponent. You can see the full battle here

Round 1: Serpentine Spy takes out my Haunted Spider. It doesn't even feature in the battle
Round 2-5: Haunted Spirit heals damage taken every round and is able to sustain itself while grinding down opponent. Opponent's tank finally dies in round 5.
Round 6: Haunted Spirit can heal all damage taken per round and now victory is just a matter of when.

Thoughts on the Haunted Spider


With its low health and with no poison ability as a level 1 card, the Haunted Spider's effectiveness is pretty limited. It is also slow and vulnerable to attacks with either the sneak or opportunity abilities.

If you have a leveled up summoner, it would be good to level up the card to level 4 and beyond so that you can get the poison ability. Otherwise, it isn't very useful as a level 1 card.

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