Splinterlands Art Contest - Card of dragonskin warrior


Hi, hivers and splinterlands gamers :)
This week I am participating in Splinterlands Art Contest @splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-10-booster-pack-prize with a new card, that I fancy could be useful for my game. It's main idea is to protect fire team from magic. So I created epic summoner who having dragonskin on him instead of armour would be quick and protected from magic.

First of all I took the sample of a card from the game and added abilities, mana to this card and changed the colour for epic. And made my kind of background with watercolour brushes and finger to blend.


Then as I am not good with human anatomy, I found a good reference of the pose on the web and made it's sketch to start with.


And after I divided my sketch to pieces and put basic colours on them.

I changed the armour and added hair according to my ideas, and then step-by-step finished all the details for the final version you can see at the start.
What I like most about it is the influence of environment colours that I finally add to the character, and a game of lights on dragonskin. It really added great to work.

Thank you very much for attention!

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