Two-Gun Pete Clip Art

Hello, everyone!KonAqua-desu!

For this week's entry for Splinterlands Art Contest, I did a little bit different instead of a divider. The original art was too amazing that I originally planned to do something incredible to it.

Here is Two-Gun Pete from Splinterlands, a Water Splinter with only 1 mana cost and amazing ability called Retribution that allows you to return damage to opponent if he dies.



Above was my original line art. I was planning to make a small animation using that but the materials I need didn't come on time and got delayed. With this inconvenience, I will do an animation next week instead on another monster.

Instead, I tried to play around with it and these two are the results:


I tried to color it using color pencil that I borrowed from my niece. I don't normally color my artwork because of what you see above. It doesn't look good when I color and I try to avoid it if possible. (I feel quite confident on black and white including shadows though as you can see on my Class 101)

After further playing around, and a lot of trials, this may look like effortless but it made the most sense for my entry. It looked like a clip art that you can see in MS Word and I am quite proud of it since it worked well in my eyes.



Class 101 is an original story that I started when I was in Elementary/Grade School continuing to High School. Please support me and my characters on their journey.

Two-Gun Pete is a Splinterlands monster. The photo can be found inside their game under lore.

The other three art work above are those that I made. I'm not quite good at copying stuff and the last time I had practice was more than 5 years ago. So, forgive me for being proud on that quality.

Ending avatar is from Bitmoji.

Hope you enjoyed!

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