18 ideas that will help Splinterlands plus 1 more important

For the 6 Year Anniversary Celebration of Splinterlands I have done a compilation of most of my ideas that I have post on Hive plus 1 new that is the most important to solve right now, the posts are very old so some of the problems has been changed and some could be already solved, the post was just to have the idea posted in Hive and don´t lose it, they are not the most good lucking posts or even just good grammar.

1_ Solving Bronze problem and increasing player retention by doing this:


This is about of solving the old Bronze that was incredible hard for new players getting matched against perfect plays bots or Quoras, the solution was mainly about match new players against players that have a similar amount of battle played.

Not sure how is Bronze right now, this problem may be fixed with the change that allows using any level of card at any league.

2_ Get Thousands of New Real Players to Splinterlands


Mostly was about improving the Affiliate Program that is currently inferior to most sites with this programs, I give several ideas for improving this without cost, but one that think could be the best was by sharing a small % maybe just 1% of the commissions of the market, you get this amount of the ones you refer, others ideas was to give prices to based on the amount of new referrals you get like Promo Cards.

This Problem has not be solved, program is the same and we need new players more than ever, I have several others ideas to attract new players but I understand the team is focus on this right now and has their own ideas.

3_ Not Trade-able Tokens Rewards for owners of splinterlands Assets.


This idea is to solve 2 main problems, first one is that Splinterlands give SPS and Voucher just for having anything like Tower defense packs, license, etc reducing the value of those tokens, hoping that in the future when something else comes don´t devalue this tokens even more instead give a non-tradeable token that can have some use in splinterlands like Glint for example( Idea was made on 23 jan of 2023 long before Glint exist) it SPS an Vouchers daily and total print should be reduced, every day they value less. Could be replaced with something else something new may be better, giving an insane amount of Glint to players can create another problem.

The other one is to give this type of rewards to cards owners maybe for stacking them to give some value to cards , right now reward cards and chaos legion has not any value you can rent a maxed out copy for less then 1 DEC, this create lots of problems like anybody been able to play on the highest ranks with almost not cost, earning a lot of SPS and reducing his value.

Problem has not be solved: currently there is too much vouchers and SPS, there are some stacking things for cards beside lands that will come in the future bad they are taking an eternity and land didn´t help too much with the problem unfortunately, instead of waiting years for them to come and see if they help or not better make a simple Stacking system for cards as soon as possible.

4_ Legendary on packs and chest should be guaranteed after reach their chance.


Similar like there is the guaranteed card on the Air drop in case you have very bad luck, it should be the same on packs and rewards chests to avoid players with bad luck never or almost never getting cards with very low chance.

This has not been solve but I don´t thing is a big deal compared to others problems mentioned here.

5_Accuracy: Important ability needed for Splinterlands


Are you not tired of missing hits all the time even when you have higher speed than your opponent? they use Blind or Dodge and there is nothing you can do now with enough ´´Bad Luck´´ you will lose any battle, there is True Strike but very few cards have this. An ability that counters blind/Dodge is needed on the game.

Problem has not been solved.

6_Splinterlands Idea: Forbid some rule-sets combinations to avoid not having any card to summit.


A combination of ruleset mana cost and splinter allowed can make you almost unable to put monsters or make the battle very uncomfortable to play specially on Modern format, also others ruleset combination can make certain level 1 summoners beat maxed out ones and greatly favor the bots that have a large list of renting low level things for this cases.

Problem: not sure if it has been solved but at least I don´t see so often games that are very hard to play like the example i put on the link: ´´Odd mana cost , Only Range units, no Neutrals only Life and Dragon 12 mana cost, my only option was between 3 Five mana cost range units , I can only put one so this unit will no attack´´.

7_ We still have the Infinite Potions Problem(Solved)


The problem of earning more potions that you can spend, I give some ideas to solve it like fusion potions into ones with higher chances.

With the Incorporation of the Glint shop this has been solved, however a new type of chest that will replace the current ones has been announced, this chest have a chance of getting potions so the problem may comeback.

8_We will need more merits to Level up our Gladiators.


Maxed out Gladiator takes an eternity, a lot more than the life of a normal game, hope splinterlands last forever to been able to max them one day.

This may not be solved complete: but the Glint shop help a little on this, also the chance of burning Gladiators for merits solve lots of problems and help a lot with this one.

9_Two cards with the Martyr ability need to be fixed to avoid several troubles


The Cards with Martyr like Venari Marksrat should not increase health when level up unless they have Taunt, this make the cards worst in most cases and may greatly reduce the demand of this cards making people only want the level 1.

Problem has not been solved(by changing the old ones): but at least new Martyr cards not have this mistake.

10_Minimum amount of commune cards in Champion, Diamond and Golden should not be 1


The problem persist even with the Glint shop it has become worst, imagine spending 5000 Glint for a Master Draw and get a single commune that them you will just burn for 25 glint since you have already maxed out.

The Rarity Draws may solve this problem but only for players that only use the Rarity Draws, for the ones using Veteran, Elite and specially Master Draws is still one of the most annoying.

On the link I explain how just to increases to 2 solve the problem.

11_Voucher Shop


On the link I give several ideas for a Voucher Shop like having Promo cards.

Problem: there has been included some uses for Vouchers since them like buying energy, but Vouchers are still too much and losing value everyday.

There should be decrease and give more utility.

12_Achievements with Rewards for Splinterlands


Achievements are important in any game they give a sense of progression in the game make you feel that you are going somewhere not just running in circles. On the link I give several ideas of types of Achievements like: Seasonal, Permanents and some ideas for rewards as well.

13_Cards Should not Lose stats when you level up them


14_More Synergies for future Cards


Fortunately we got some more synergies with the Weapon Training ability, hope more come in future sets.

15_Players are started to get bored, Splinterlands needs a new game modes as soon as Possible.


We need new modes like Draft, Arena as any other card game have.

16_Maxed out cards has no demand and has lose their rent value. Some Solutions!


The Overhaul Ranked has fix this but still the rental value is very low overall, lots of maxed out cards go for less than 1 DEC a day.

17_Buying Credits is the hardest way to put money in splinterlands!, make it easier!


I find 100 times easier to just put money on Hive-engine buying DEC and send to splinterlands than using any splinterlands option to buy Credits(but new players may not know about Hive-engine and been unable to put money even if they want to). I give some simple solutions to make it a lot easier for any kind of person.

18_Lets Increases SPS price before is too late


Splinterlands may not last forever as we all wish, so may be a good idea to reduce the Minting time and total SPS so it can star to rise in price.

The Most Important thing to do Right now

Right now is increases card value, lots of maxed out cards are almost free to rent , reducing the value of everything with them, SPS will never go up if anyone can come rent 2 or 3 maxed out decks for 10 or 20 DEC and play on the highest ranges getting big amounts of SPS, Maxed out rewards cards cost around 0.1 DEC a day, maxed out Chaos Legion cards cost between 1 or 2 DEC a day, the most expensive think will be the summoner that is around 4 to 6 DEC a day maxed out, renting SPS is quite cheap as well to increases rewards as much as you want. At least Chaos Legion should be fixed, after we accomplish this we can try to do it with the rewards cards.

There are plenty of others problems that the almost free cards causes, like greatly reducing sells, few will buy a 5$ last expansion pack when they can buy a Chaos Legion one for 0.47$. The packs where considered a secure inversion before everyone want to buy packs expecting they go up in value.

Of course new players could solve everything but we can´t guaranteed that the amount we need will come and even if they come the game have a low retention, most of them will leave.

So hope the team and others focus more on this problem that is the biggest of all and there are a lot of things that can be done to solve it, I will make a post only about of this subject and instead of just giving ideas I will try to help to solve this one with Proposals and others things that will help very little but not have a huge cost.

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