Cards and Strategies for Your Water Deck

Hi Splinterlanders, I hope this post finds you well! This is the first post of my cards and strategies series with focus on the water deck.

The water deck has been my favourite splinter since I began playing the game. Not only are there a whole bunch of really good monsters but, moreover, the summoners are supreme. Here are my top three water summoner picks:


Alric is one of the best summoners in the entire game, in my opinion. At a 3 mana cost and +1 magic to all monsters, Alric adds great value to your water deck. Paired with Oshannus, Nerissa and Ruler of the Seas, you can inflict maximum damage to your opponent. You will find other good magic cards in Rift Watchers and among the soulbound reward cards. Together with beefy melee tanks protecting your magic damage dealers, Alric provides you with above-average fighting chances to lead your team to victory.


Kelya is the cream of the CL rare summoners, which is comparatively reflected by his trading price on Peakmonsters. At a 4 mana cost and giving your team +1 speed and +1 shield, Kelya provides your team with solid stats to go and do battle. +1 speed is very effective when considering that many water monsters already have high speed to start with. The extra shield gives added protection and a free round during earthquake rulesets. I like pairing Kelya with a taunt tank, like Oshannus, and putting in opportunity monsters, like Deep Lurker and Feasting Seaweed.


As soon as I saw the stats for the recently released legendary summoner Possibilus, I knew that I would immediately begin working on strategies and synergies to exploit the reach and trample abilities. Possibilus has quickly become my favourite legendary summoner and I have rebuilt my water deck to suit him. I leveled up my stealth monsters accordingly to make full use of his abilities.

Today I am going to show you two battles using Possibilus in combination with Arkemis and stealth.

---> WATCH BATTLE 1 <---

As you can see, magic attack was no match for Possibilus. Trample was activated by both opportunity and sneak monsters taking additional 6 health points from my opponent to decide a clear outcome of the battle.

---> WATCH BATTLE 2 <---

In this battle you can see how valuable the trample and reach abilities are and you will be amazed at how many extra turns Possibilus makes possible (pun intended)!

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