My Third Splinterlands Max Card


It has been long since I last posted an update on my life in Splinterlands or on the Steem Blockchain in general. That said, I back at it again with my splinterlands update post.



I had previously posted about my first and second splinterlands max cards which are Prismatic Energy and Crystal werewolf respectively.

Today's post is about my third splinterlands max card.


Pirate Archer as it is called, is a very useful and a key weapon in the water splinter and even stronger when use with used with a legendary summoner like Arius or Selenia sky. splinter. It has a range attack of one or two depending on its level and this attack can be increased by one. It equally has the blast ability i.e it causes damage to an enemy monster it hits as well as the next monster in line. This damage can be up to two health.


After noticing the importance of this card, I started buying it from the splinterlands market while adding and leveling up with those I earn from my gameplay. Satisfactorily, my pirate Archer is not max and steps out of the list of cards I need to max.


On a sad note though, I am renting a level 7, rare water summoner (Alric Stormbringer). So, playing this maxed pirate Archer with my level 7 summoner will mean playing it at level 7 and thus, it will operate with three health. Nevertheless, I do play it with my max dragon summoner (Selenia Sky) and I will profit from its full health.

So, that was it for my third Splinterlands max card. I have got a few orders that are close to being max but it is a tight call on which will be run-out first and I am curious about what will be my next max card and how long I will have to wait for it. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your time!

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From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

@akomoajong 01/11/2019