The Childseeker's War: Glossary


Fantasy novels have a tendency to generate a lot of wacky nouns. As I release The Childseeker's War, I'll also update, organize, and maintain this glossary of terms to help folks who want some reference points.

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Frix of Bit All-bit-tel⭐ Protagonist / MC1 / POV1. Frix for short. Member of the All-bit-tel triadic families. Tail-runner (sentry) of Mossa's Seedwind unit.
Junelight Re'Sha⭐ Protagonist / MC2 / POV2. June for short. Magic user. She is the eponymous 'childseeker,' for her son Uliyah was kidnapped by a Soulcrafter named Plasivé the Poacher. She has entered a tenuous alliance with Bettine of All to track down her mark and rescue her son.
Mossalea of Ran Got-ran-palMossa for short. Frix's love interest and technically his superior officer. Shoot-lead (leader) of a Seedwind unit.
Dreff of Tel All-bit-telSalty older member of the Seedwind. Nose-runner (scout). Swinn's older brother.
Swinn of Tel All-bit-telChill younger member of the Seedwind. Nose-runner (scout). Dreff's younger brother.
Bettine of All All-bit-telHead of Spark for the All-bit-tel triad. She also wants to find Plasivé the Poacher, but for different reasons—to recover a powerful enchanted weapon.
Turner VetterisA boy from the "witch" village. Atrocity's younger brother.
Atrocity VetterisA girl from the "witch" village. Sometimes goes by 'City. Turner's older sister.
Zoey-Lee VetterisA young girl from the "witch" village. The third Vetteris sibling.
Drigg of Tel All-bit-telHead of Seed All-bit-tel. Likely related to Dreff and Swinn.
Ottrah of Bit All-bit-telHead of Root All-bit-tel. Likely related Frix.
Tanggo of Bon Hel-hos-bonHead of Root for the Hel-hos-bon triad.
JapperMinor character. Spoke out of turn before we knew his full family association. Was silenced by Bettine.
Plasivé the PoacherJunelight's mark. Xey kidnapped her son.
"Lefty" aka PellOne of Junelight's bodyguards.
"Righty"One of Junelight's bodyguards.
Ennie of Bit All-bit-telFrix's mother. Wife to Barrod of Bit.
Barrod of Bit All-bit-telFrix's father. Husband to Ennie of Bit.
Callum of Bit All-bit-telFrix's younger brother.
Uliyah Re'ShaJunelight's son. Kidnapped by Plasivé the Poacher.
Vebba of Tel All-bit-telA cousin of Dreff's, about Callum's age.
Hobb of Bit All-bit-telA cousin of Frix's, about Callum's age.
Mill of Pal Got-ran-palA cart driver with a bad leg.
Roddem of FalSentry, crossdart wielder
Viktor VelessiTorchkeeper ("mayor / leader") of Wood Ribbon South.
Kelron DociTown Anchor ("chief of security") of Wood Ribbon South.
Luminary Drageling-laJunelight's superior officer in the Ghost Tide.
BoydA citizen of Wood Ribbon South.



RoythThe larger country (also called an Aspect) in which the story takes place.
Firelock RegionA province in Royth which contains the Callipsus
Callipsus ForestAn area in Royth. Distinct geography: a lush forest in a valley between two large mountain ranges. Low population, largely unsettled, with the major exception of the Pinedeck metropolis.
PinedeckOne of Royth's most important cities, especially in the time period during The Childseeker's War. It is Royth's only operating Keynode City (the other two were lost to a major catastrophe), causing it to become a massive trade nexus.
The River RainrootA key river in the Callipsus forest region. Revered and considered sacred by the triadic peoples.
Wood Ribbon South"The Witch Town" to the triadic people. This is Atrocity and Turner's home.
Wood Ribbon NorthAnother witch town.
Point StarfireAn outpost used by the triadic peoples. It is the muster point closest to the Witch Town.
The Worldspun ArchipelagoThe only continental area of Culdur. It is located opposite the Heirbrosse supercontinent.
Fosterly IslesJunelight's home, presumably.



WitchDerogatory term for magic users, used by the triads.
FalsesparkerDerogatory term for triadic people, used by the magic users. Fun fact: this novel's working title was Falsesparker until it was completed.
SeedblessedA ritual and marking used on weapons and objects, classifying them as sacred to a particular family. Also works as a mild curse word!
SeedwindA military unit used by the triads to conduct stealth, scouting, and sabotage missions.
Shoot-leadSeedwind commander.
SparkcampA temporary campsite.
RockpunchExplosive powder, analogous to gunpowder.
Bole-marshalLeaders in the triadic military. Shoot-leads report to them.
Head of SparkHighest rank in a triad, the leader.
Head of RootSecond in command of a triad, along with the Head of Seed.
Head of SeedSecond in command of a triad, along with the Head of Root.
Nose-runnerScouts and point persons within a Seedwind.
Tail-runnerSentries and rearguards within a Seedwind.
Bloodlight or witchlightWhat the triadic people call the red glow associated with the "witches." Most are deathly afraid of it.
Bloodlight pyreLarge, wooden pyramids that sit in the middle of most witch towns. Built in response to increased raids, the townspeople will light the pyre to temporarily enhance their powers so as to better fend off attackers.
WitchstoneWhat the triadic people call the magical gems/stones that power aspectral peoples' technology. See also: communal stone.
Winged hornratA critter from the Callipsus. Its cry is used as a signal by Seedwind units. 🎨 Potential art opportunity!
SirenflyA critter from the Callipsus. Its cry is used as a signal by Seedwind units. 🎨 Potential art opportunity!
Bog hogA critter from the Callipsus. A hog that lives in a bog—who woulda thought? 🎨 Potential art opportunity!
SteelbarchA large, sturdy tree with a greyish bark.
DemontrunkA large, sturdy tree with dark bark and thin green filaments in its grain.
LorruspineA thinner, wispier tree with dense foliage.
ShortsharpA common weapon used by the triadic peoples. Essentially a stone dagger.
SlingerAn uncommon weapon used by the triadic peoples. Essentially a slingshot.
CrossdartA rare weapon used by the triadic peoples. Essentially a crossbow.
SparkerAn extremely rare weapon used by triadic leaders and elite. Looks and sounds like a gun...
The TorchThe Roythan term for the sun.
RenderingA general purpose word that means "to destroy." Used mainly by aspectral people.
WondermentA show of sorts. Has flexible meaning: could refer to a literal piece of entertainment, a farce, a joke, etc.
WardensquadA Roythan military detachment.
BaythA banished land. It is not polite to say its name aloud.
Soulcrafter SectA Culdurian group defined by combining a Culdurian and Daxish crystal. No longer supported by the wider elements of society, entry into this Sect is extraordinarily difficult.
Chillcrafter SectA Culdurian group defined by combining two Culdurian crystals. It is by far the most common Sect in Culdur, representing the bulk of their society.
Ghost Tide subsectThe intelligence branch of the Culdarian Chillcrafter sect. One of the most effective and well-resourced agencies in Heirbrosse, though they keep a very low profile.
Puresear SectA Roythan group defined by combining two Roythan crystals. It is by far the most common Sect in Royth, representing the bulk of their society.
Stateguard subsectA division of the Roythan Puresears, Stateguards are Royth's main defensive force and all around security officers.
TorchkeeperA leader of a town, akin to a mayor. Responsible for the security of any temple and communal stone.
Town AnchorA high ranking town official, charged with general security, safety, and military matters.
Town GuideA high ranking town official who takes care of cultural and educational duties.
LuminaryA sect leader. Magic user with three crystals, hence quite powerful.


🔮 Magic System

✨ ArtworkThis is what the aspectral peoples of the world call "magic." Different "spells" are referred to as specific kinds of 'Artwork,' e.g. Bodyanchor Artwork
AspectMany meanings: refers to major geopolitical regions, religious or tribal association, classification of magic. Aspects are a central concept to all things in this world. There are currently six canonized Aspects, with four dominating at the time that The Childseeker's War takes place.
Aspect of Royth ☀️Major Aspect. Associated with: the sense of sight, the element of fire, the colour red, the sun, the day, leadership, exploration, conquest. These associations are not definitive, but generally guide the culture as a whole.
Aspect of Culdur 🌊Major Aspect. Associated with: the sense of smell, the element of water, the colour blue, the ocean, science, experimentation, secrecy, nomadic lifestyle, sailing. These associations are not definitive, but generally guide the culture as a whole.
Aspect of Massus 🌳Major Aspect. Associated with: the sense of taste, the element of earth, the colour green, the earth, stoutness, tradition, collectivism, agriculture, mountaineering, mining. These associations are not definitive, but generally guide the culture as a whole.
Aspect of Iskonn 💨Major Aspect. Associated with: the sense of sound, the element of wind, the colour yellow, the sky, creativity, individual expression, entertainment, flying, dancing. These associations are not definitive, but generally guide the culture as a whole.
Aspect of Daxill 👾Minor Aspect. Associated with: the sense of feeling, the element of night, the colour purple, the stars, mystery, occult, dark arts, shadows. These associations are not definitive, but generally guide the culture as a whole.
MindtetherThe general name for the interconnected flow of magic between stones and crystals. Not unlike the Internet, in many ways.
Cycle, cycledMany meanings. Technically refers to the flow of magical energy between two or more focal points. Casually could refer to being ready, awake, charged up, etc.
DowncycleMany meanings: could mean formally cycling down power of a person or system, going for a nap, the day ending, etc.
Crystals (body)Bodily implants that facilitate the user of magic. Positioned in the upper chest. Junelight has two.
Communal stoneConnects to magic users' crystals, imbuing them with power.
ShardtradeA form of psychic communication that uses the mindtether. All forms of sensation can be woven into shards.
Birthright crystalThe first crystal a magic user soulbinds, on the left side of their chest. This happens at a young age. The Aspect is determined by an appointment process based on parentage and the most proximate communal stones.
Scholarright crystalThe second (and usually last) crystal a magic user soulbinds, on the right side of their chest. This typically happens as a young adult. The choice is up to the user, and determines their Sect within Heirbrosse—a lifetime appointment.
Guidegift crystalA third crystal that is soulbound to the forehead, given only to Luminaries.
✨⚓ Bodyanchor ArtworkA general system of magic that almost every person learns. Keeps a person's light under control, their senses sharp, etc. Advanced users can spin it into further defensive techniques.
✨💨 Distanska ArtworkA repelling force, can shove things around, etc. Fairly common. Most folks can manage a mild version of it. With training, it can be dangerous.
✨🧊 Icevein ArtworkCauses immobility in organic targets. Highly specialized skill, quite rare. Also illegal in many jurisdictions. A Culdarian specialty.
✨🌊 Seapath ArtworkAllows the user to move through water with agility. Mildly rare as it is tough to master. A Culdarian specialty.
✨🦊 Furblend ArtworkManipulates fur and hair into various shapes and forms. Typically used for fashion, but also has camouflage and sheltering uses. An Iskonn specialty, quite common.
✨🚿 Pureskin ArtworkUsed for cleaning oneself without the use of water or other physical means. Very common, especially outside of Culdur.
✨🍎 Cropforth ArtworkCreates simple food and water on demand. Very common throughout Heirbrosse. Advance users can generate more complex consumables.
✨👯‍♀️ Prism ArtworkCreates a mirage of a duplicate self. Highly advanced Artwork.
✨🥶 Thermaya ArtworkCreates a drastic temperature reduction. Common in the Chillcrafter Sect, mildly uncommon elsewhere.


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