Are We Winning a Cold War We're Not Even Aware of? – Part 10 of Repressed Memories of Sexual Abuse

  • What do you know about the False Memory Syndrome (Foundation)?
  • What about DID and why it isn't called multiple personality disorder anymore?
  • What is your knowledge about dissociation?
  • Is there a difference between neurological illnesses and psychiatric conditions?
  • What do you know about Epstein?
  • What about MK Ultra and how this is connected to other questions I posed?
  • Is there a war going on right now that's colder than the cold war?

Let's explore this adventurous riddle by going on with my own story and how I just figured that something powerful must have happened that we're not fully aware of at this point …

Last year I started and quit three jobs, had some flashbacks and horribly suffered from my PTSD. I was too scared to ask for help and kind of shut myself down until it got that worse that I had to do SOMETHING. I suppressed my number and called a hotline that I found online.

For victims of ALL KINDS OF sexual abuse it said …


The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)

First of all, even though called a "syndrome", it actually isn't. It got invented by the founders of the FMSF. Mathematician Peter J. Freyd (I wonder if he might be a relative to Sigmund Freud who was the first to ever speak about repressed memories. If anyone should happen to know anything, please tell me!) and his wife Pamela Freyd (PhD in pedagogical science!) founded it after being accused of sexual abuse by their daughter who, btw, is an actual psychologist today.

Even though it has never been taken seriously in the field of psychological or psychiatric science the foundation immensely influenced politics, the judicial system, society, and yes, even practitioners for mental health. @whitedeer9217 posted this mega informative article about the FMSF in 2017. It is still a must-read to comprehend how our entire system is built upon abuse.

Not only did they have a huge pool of devotees working for the CIA, many of them could also be linked to infamous projects like MK Ultra. Check out these people from the FMSF board!

The FMSF has a serious history of helping to put children back in the hands of their abusers. Like in the infamous case of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal (UK) in which FMSF board member Dr. Ralph Underwagner remarkably defended the abusive parents.

Since I am alive I have been involved in 7 court cases. In every single case, I was faced with injustice and an unfightable system. That's why my knowledge about foundations like the FMSF and their involvement in the judicial system, politics and even the field of mental health kept me quiet for a long time. They were too mighty and I expected them behind every corner. My abusers are powerful. And they don't want me to speak out. And so I shivered when I dialed the number and asked the guy on the other end whether he knows the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. And his answer changed the whole story!


Time stopped when he said that they had shut down for good 20 days ago. It was the 1/20/2020 and for a few seconds with the phone in my hand, I thought I could feel the earth magnetic field shifting.

I told him that I had difficulties adjusting to this new reality. That he had no idea how much of a game-changer that would mean to me. In fact, he did. He also told me that in 2019 the German government confirmed that ritual abuse is indeed a fact and no conspiracy theory and that the initiative who fought for it is now being funded and offering support.

Most importantly, they started a hotline for survivors of organized sexual and ritual abuse, the Berta Telefon.


Bildschirmfoto 20200329 um 13.09.02.png

"Advice and telephone contact point for those affected by organized sexual and ritual violence
We, the specialists in education and psychology on the berta telephone, have many years of personal experience with organized ritual violence. We know how important it is to determine the route yourself.
Our support for affected people, helpers and specialists:

  • We believe and listen.
  • We advise you on the exit and related questions
  • We stay there, even if it gets difficult.

Our support is provided nationwide, free of charge and anonymously."


I couldn't believe it. Maybe I wouldn't need to hide anymore? So, I called them and had a life-changing chat. I spoke to another survivor of ritual abuse. She was around my age and the most important thing she did for me was one of the very first answers she gave to my story which was:

"Everything you say sounds pretty believable and true."

I had talked about children in cages, rituals at magical sights, being monitored by some kind of intelligence … so many things that I never dared saying sounded true to her. I had to check again. Yes, I was speaking to an official hotline, funded by my government. The one I always felt tracked and threatened by. She suggested a clinic that some other people had already recommended to me. She said that they are specified in these topics and famous for their outstanding work with PTSD patients.

I immediately applied for staying at this clinic and got put on a waiting list. One and a half years is how long I have to wait and so I decided to start an ambulant therapy before.


Two weeks ago, I started my therapy. And two times out of two that I went there, a policeman visited my home and talked to my daughter. Accident? I don't know. But just because I am paranoid doesn't necessarily mean I am not being chased. 😉 The woman from the hotline agreed with this notion.

Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Disorder and the Abusers ongoing war on Psychology

What happened when I googled "mpd vs did" is pretty demonstrative for the problem. The topic is controversial as it is because of propaganda. This was the result:

Bildschirmfoto 20200329 um 14.09.43.png

First hit German Wikipedia, second hit English Wikipedia and already link number 3 is an open insult and an accurate example for the way this diagnosis is heavily fought over.

1965 it was first diagnosed as Hysteria (Read my post about squirting orgasms to find out how this topic is already connected to organized rape), in the 90ies it got called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and nowadays we say Dissociative Disorder (DID). And still, it is open for discussion like no other psychological health issue. And one has to wonder about how many people are invested in this debate. Since it's not a discussion mainly taking place in scientific research, this war is fought by journalists, CIA-agents, politicians, lawyers, and other non-experts.

Just read the popular article that google suggests. Why DID or MPD is a Bogus Diagnosis

In the 6th paragraph, he mentions the book «Sybil Exposed» by Debbie Nathan. She's one of these journalists that you have to wonder about. The ones that only care about influencing one particular field of psychology in all of their work. Again, she's not a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist and hasn't studied any of this. It just accidentally interests her that much that he dedicated her whole life and work to this field. She is most famous for dismissing satanic and ritual abuse. What she mainly does is undermining the work of psychologists and psychiatrists. What do you think why is that?

And here she even admits it. At minute 11:57. For her, it's all about politics and laws.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation loved Debbie Nathan and recommends all of her books on their page.

The main argument of this propaganda article is this:

The bottom line: Based on the evidence I've seen, MPD or DID is not a widespread or common disorder—despite the insistence of some practitioners. If it does actually exist, it is most likely due to a profound neurological illness, not a psychiatric condition.

Against all the research there is today he questions if it even exists. And he tries confusing the reader with this suggestion since that is not at all arguable. Today, we don't alone know about the fact that these conditions exist, we also know that people with DID can have totally different diseases, hormones, and allergies for their alters. Like the famous case of the blind woman that could also see.

But in case it should be true the author doubts that it would be a psychiatric condition, but rather a neurological illness. That's not only an outdated approach since we already know that due to neuroplasticity every psychological or psychiatric condition also forms neuronal connections. No such thing as a difference between those two. But in calling it a neurological illness he tries blaming and shaming those who live with it.

Epstein, Corona, MK Ultra, False Memory … Everything is Connected

Now that I dragged you through this rabbit hole can you already see the connection here?

The German government confirms that systemized sexual and ritual abuse exists. The term "systemized" is crucial. Today, we know for a fact that this persuasive network exists. We also know that these people heavily influence politics, laws and the mental health community. We are aware that some of these people are part of secret agencies and connected to horrible methods like MK Ultra.

And don't we know they called all of this a conspiracy theory until 2019?

Last year, all the sudden, Jeffrey Eppstein got arrested and openly discussed as being connected to figures like the Clintons, Prince Andrew, etc. The German government called ritual abuse a fact, and one news after the other broke about abuse in higher places. Best of all: We know that "they" lost one of their most effective tools, the FMSF.

It is my personal opinion that there seems to be an ongoing war between two forces in the intelligence community and it looks as though these powers have somehow shifted. Whatever this Corona virus might be about, I believe it simply covers a cold war. Maybe the coldest war there ever was.



Patch Adams should be one of the next figures to openly discuss. Next time I'll tell you why.

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