Entering the Void // repressed memories of abuse, pt 4

After my mind was spitting out memories like an erupting volcano, I know face a destroyed valley. I could see streams of lava bursting out over every story I once called my life and now I am standing in the void, waiting for new consequences to evolve, new life to bloom out of the ash, for the sun that is hidden behind a lot of dust, or maybe more memories? There's the time for everything and now it seems to be the time for a further courageous step into the light. Be my light, dear reader.

What is … ?

Who am I and what has happened to me? In all of those pictures that recently came back to me, I could never see anything clearly. I felt a lot of awkward feelings and could see myself in a lot of strange situations but I never saw actual abuse. I could sense that something was very wrong with me but I couldn't tell the details. Even worse: In every picture it seemed that someone had moved the items and symbols as if some of them would be belonging to another story and were just placed there. Like in a puzzle, some pieces just never seemed to fit. For instance, when I hypnotized myself and tried to recall pictures from the Wewelsburg. I ended up standing in front of a guy who was pointing to a huge pile of stones. He said something like:

This is where the king was burried. But someone has stolen his body.

This scene confused me a lot. The Wewelsburg looked different from what I was used to see. Everything looked so different. The trees were bigger, there were so much more trees, the light seemed unusual. I even wondered about myself. Because I didn't feel like a child or even a woman. I felt like being a man. After this session, I started researching stories about stolen bodies. I couldn't find any connection to the Wewelsburg. There is no report about any body that would have ever been stolen from the Wewelsburg. Besides, there has never been any king. So what, dear mind, was that?

What if … ?

"Have you ever wondered …?", someone asked me.
Oh, indeed I had!
And then someone else asked the same question: "Have you ever wondered …?"
And after the third person approached me to ask that same odd question, I started working on my bravery to finish this sentence:

"Have you ever wondered if those memories are from a past life?"

BOOM! There it is. It took me 14 days to eventually write it down. You just wittnessed a literal life performance.

I don't know. But I should be brave enough to face every question that appears. I still feel/know/sense that I got abused in my childhood and finally I can make sense of the block that I am having in my right hip for all my life. I know, it's real. But at the same time I wonder a lot about the fact, how many times in my life I have been to the Wewelsburg and how I still feel drawn to this place. What if there's something to the idea that I have been to this place even more than I am aware of? What if I have lived there, before? I another life? What the hell do we know? My name is @mayb, if you ask me everything is possible.

What about you?

Do you now think Nah … , she lost it!?
Or are you like those three people who asked me and believe in ideas like this?
Do you have any experiences with past life regressions? Or repressed Memories? Who am I talking to? Please, tell me what you think.

Yours bravely,

10 months later … the story goes on

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