LeoGlossary: Essence Orb mini-edition/Promo Cards

SplinterGlossary: Essence Orb mini-edition/Promo Cards

The Essence Orb was the first mini-set to be released in a quantity of 200,000 booster packs. It was launched at Splinterlands' 1 year anniversary, in May 2019, and contained only 12 cards. Beta edition was still in the primary market at the time.

From the point of view of ranked battles bonus, cards from the Essence Orb mini-edition are considered the same as promo cards and offer a 5% reward boost when winning battles with them.

The cards from the Essence Orb mini-set can only be used in the Wild format, but the other promo cards are mixed. Some can be used in the Modern format, others only in Wild, depending on when they were released.

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