LeoGlossary: Sets

SplinterGlossary: Sets

Sets is a new way of grouping cards within Splinterlands.

A set includes the main edition, its associated mini-edition, but also reward cards and promo cards that use the same frame as the cards from the main edition.

The name of the set will be given by the name of the main edition:

  • Alpha set
  • Beta set
  • Untamed set
  • Chaos Legion set
  • Rebellion set (coming)

For the modern format, playable cards are the ones from the last two sets, meaning once Rebellion edition comes out, the Untamed set will no longer be supported in the Modern format, and Rebellion will join Chaos Legion set.

Sets make managing certain complicated situations easier. For example, Doctor Blight is a promo card, so it's not part of the Chaos Legion edition. But it is part of the Chaos Legion set.

Set-based rules were implemented for Tournaments and Brawls. Also, set-based filtering was introduced.

Note that gladiators are not part of any set.

See Also: Subsets.


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