The purpose of this webpage post is to talk all about the number 0 or zero, as in meaning, association, etc.


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The sacred value of number 0 is associated with its image in the form of a divine sphere. The perfect form of a circle denotes the concept of infinity and eternity, which has neither a beginning nor an end.


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The negative aspect of zero is that of emptiness.

Two zeroes symbolizes new beginning in life and spirituality.

Three zeroes means a new beginning in relation to God's protection who is a three-folded Trinity, ironically enough.

Zero can be a sign of infinite possibilities and fulfillment. Ultimately, the number 0 is also an angel number.

Metaphysical zero symbolizes the Absolute, uniting spirit and matter. Zero is an angel or god number as it can add value to a number by ten. When you add 0 to 1 to make 10, you've increased the value by ten or I mean by one order of magnitude. Likewise, multiply a number by zero to destroys or dissolves that number. That is a Hell of a lot of power for a number like zero.

Zero represents infinite space, potential, the uncreated, the unmanifested.

Zero is the Orphic Egg.

Zero represents reincarnation or the circle of life, as in death unto life again.

Zero has a meaning of being valueless. The origin of zero is traced to Indian civilization, the Sanskrit word Shunya means 0. Shunya here means void or nothingness. It does not necessarily have to be equated with material nothingness.

Zero represents God. It also symbolizes the relationship between God and all creatures of the earth. The infinite nature of God is well articulated with the shape of number 0. It also represents potential that is inbuilt in all creations of God.

Zero or 0 in Numerology

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