How I am planning to use my rewards from the September Leomarkettalk comment giveaway

The September Leomarkettalk comment giveaway was very competitive but I managed to place 3rd place over the course of the month. Without the help of everyone who participated, there was no way we would of reached 10k comments in September so I would like to thank everyone who participated. So using the rewards I got from this, I plan on using it in the LeoFinance ecosystem.

Giveaway Results

@leomarkettalk is a general place for anyone to chat or ask questions. We welcome anyone to participate even when the giveaway is not happening and it serves as a great place to share good posts or news you find. Recently there has also been a focus on improving SEO for LeoFinance in general and there are plenty of discussions that happen over there if anyone wants to learn more about it.

giveaway results.png

The pool of rewards and the payouts were passed out around a week ago. In face magnacarta also mentioned some good lessons about commenting. As @magnacarta did the math for me, I did over 51 comments each day on average but I only placed 3rd. With that, I got 52.2 HBD and 220.65 LEO.

How I plan on using my rewards

I left the LEO alone for now but I plan on batching this up with some more LEO in my account to fulfil my monthly Cub Finance add to the Farms. As the LEO amount is already greater than 200, it will also satisfy one of my goals this month. My general plan for CubFinance is to generate CUB using the Farms and then putting the generated CUB into the kingdoms to generate CUB passively. If anyone wants to learn more about CubFinance, you can read this guide by @crypto-guides.

HBD convert.png
Next up would be what to do with my HBD. I admit that I was on the wrong side of the trade when I put in a convert request on my HBD right before the huge HIVE pump. I did the conversion request because HBD was less than a dollar and I didn't think HIVE would move up much. Of course I was wrong so I got hit quite hard since it uses the average HIVE price over 3.5 days. Just to note, it was around $0.7 when I started the request but the actual conversion happened with an average HIVE price of $0.92.

I used LeoDex to move my HIVE from my wallet to my Hive Engine Wallet. My first deposit failed since there wasn't enough liquidity but I managed to deposit it half an hour later when there was some. I prefer to use LeoDex because the deposit fee is 0.25% compared to the 1% you get from using Hive Engine.

UTOPIS buy.png
LEO buy.png
With that, I used a small portion of this to buy UTOPIS for my monthly goals because it's one of the best dividend tokens I see on HIVE. The rest went into buying 157 LEO. I plan on staking 100 LEO tokens and sending the other 57 tokens to get some CubLife tokens. You can see the latest CubLife report on more details but it's an entirely passive way of earning LEO tokens using CubFinance. In fact, the dividend has been sitting around 40% APR for the past few weeks.

using my leo tokens.png


Besides a small portion I used for UTOPIS, I plan on re-investing them directly in projects related to LeoFinance. If you have some time, you can always drop by the @leomarkettalk as a place to chat or if you have any questions about HIVE or crypto in general. Although there won't be a comment giveaway this month, there may be another one in a month or two from now. When that time comes, I hope to see some new faces to help us reach a new monthly goal.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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