Leomarkettalk Comment Giveaway (September 2021)

We are going to do something to stimulate engagement on @leomarkettalk for the month of September.

A while back, we were giving out the LEO that the account received as rewards on a weekly basis. This was based upon the most comments per week.

The payouts went as followed:

Most comments - 50%
2nd most comments - 30%
3rd most comments - 20%

Comment Giveaway For September

What we are going to do is to have a month long contest. We are looking to incentivize engagement within the post on a daily basis.

Here are the rules:

  • @taskmaster4450le is ineligible
  • All stats will be pulled by @amr008 and his sign off on the numbers will be final.
  • @taskmaster4450le has the right to override any final decisions based upon antics that go against the nature of what is being promoted here.
  • No bots
  • Bullshit commenters will be excluded (Nice post: Thank you for sharing; etc)
  • A minimum of 10,000 comments for the month must be reached in total (If the 10K comments is not reached, we will roll this over to the following month)

Now for the fun stuff:

The token payouts will be as follows:

Top commenter - 50% of the total
2nd most commenter - 25% of the total
3rd most commenter - 15% of the total
4th most commenter - 10% of the total

First Pool: All the LEO in the @leomarkettalk account.

Here is what it looks like at the moment.


The payout will be in the above percentages in the amount of LEO that is in there now PLUS whatever comes in by the end of September. In other words, the total balance will be distributed to the 4 winners.

Hopefully a lot of people from LEO will support the daily posts with upvotes to push the total higher.

Second Pool: All the HBD in the @leomarkettalk account.

This is what that account looks like.


Like with the LEO, whatever HBD is in the account plus what comes in by the end of September will be doled out.

Third Pool: Delegation

Whatever HP is in the account by the end of September will be delegated to the top commenter for the month of November (or until I remember to undelegate it).

This will allow the person a bit greater voting power to enhances one's curation.

This is what we will do for the month of September.

Hopefully it provides a bit of excitement for what we are already doing. A key point is to keep working on the SEO by highlighting out comments the way we have been.

Let us see if we can get more people involved.

Good luck to everyone.

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