eSteem Translation Reward program


We are looking for different language speaking Steem volunteers to contribute into our eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer translations. Every work will be rewarded of course.

How to contribute

If you are speaking fluently in any other language rather than English and would like to have eSteem apps to be translated in that language then just register at CrowdIn translation service and open one of these links depending on the app you wish to contribute to:



Then you just choose your language, select en-US.json file and start translating.

How to earn reward

  1. Create #utopian-io blog post about your contribution for us to upvote and for @utopian-io to help us with the stronger vote and use #translation channel on our Discord to share your contribution link so we can check it.

  2. Wait for translation to be approved and merged into app, review your work.

  3. If you have proven track record of ProofReading in any language, and contribute on translation actively, you will be promoted as Proofreader on specific languages.

Together, we build the future!

Thank you for your contributions in advance!

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