I'm trying to keep it together when the sky starts to fall
I know we've been here before
But I need a little help to turn this ship around
Is it a game?

You got me by the hair and you're dragging me down
The winds of change met my eye and it hit me that the truth is

I'm tired of all the lies I've said and who I have been lying to
But if this is my last chance, don't tell me no

Even though these light are stuck for a thousand years
It's still beating for you and me to always be in love again
Even though our love back then didn't last long as it might seem
I always wished that, even when I broke your heart and left you all

I felt so low but what kept me alive was you saved my life
So how do I change my story?
I never lost the love forever.
I've just gotta keep going

You tried, you cry, you fight, you lost, you'll win
I'll take another step in another direction
When I think I'm out I'll learn a new way
It's going to be hard but things are going to be better for me

I need something to start this journey going again
We can live another day if it's for the best for me
And I need that winter chill on my skin to remind me.


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