2021 Hive Highlight- #hivehighlight contest

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I usually struggle when it comes to picking the subject of contest posts, but it was easy for the 2021 Hive Highlight contest hosted by @guiltyparties. I was inactive for the vast majority of 2021 so finding my favorite memory on hive was, without a doubt, my return to hive this month.


I've already written a post about my return to hive, but my actual first post back was a crazy-good Carnivore Deviled Egg Recipe. Prior to that, my last post was all the way back to May 11, 2019. I had become overwhelmed with some serious life issues and trials I was going through at the time and stepped back from many activities. MY hiatus from hive was only supposed to be a couple of months or so, but BOOM 2 1/2 years later I found myself a prodigal son returning. And just like the prodigal son, I was met with open arms from the dear, dear friends I had made on my time on the blockchain!


So, my favorite #hivehighlight for 2021 was my long-overdue return to hive and to the amazing relationships I have built here. It never ceases to amaze me how deep those connections go. Hive gives me such a feeling of community...of friendship.....of family...of home! I didn't realize just how deeply I missed reading about my friends here. I missed being involved in their highs and lows, of watching them navigate successes, trials, and tribulations. They had become as much a part of my life that I am less of "me" without them around. I don't possess the words to express my joy at being back and the gratitude I feel towards everyone who is here and attempting to connect with others.

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter,
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost



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