I'mmmmmm BACK!

Well, it has definitley been awhile and I'm sure some hated to see me leave and there are some who hate to see me return lolol

Just after the fork of Steem and Hive, I have multiple life events sway me to stop writing for awhile and I slowly slipped off into the distance. This last year has been full of so many life changes and I recently found my desire to write rekindled and I began poking around Hive again. I was extremely overwhelmed with the all the changes and almost decided it was too much to learn, but I pressed on and quickly I began remember the great satisfaction of interacting with all the friends I had made and I realize how much I deeply missed all you wonderful people and how much joy and value you brought to my life. So I will do I very abbrieviated version of some of the changes over this past year (they will all undoubtedly become full-length posts)


I lost weight

So in January, I started a keto lifestyle and very shortly after, I discovered the carnivore lifestyl and began that in Febuary 2021. Since then I have lost 140lbs and I'm still dropping. It is a way of eating that really resonates with me and I'm sure that journey will be the topic of many of my future posts. Basically, I only eat meat or meat byproducts (eggs, cheese, etc) Of course, coffee is my one of my few plant-based indulgences!!!


I Started Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Crazy Idea? Maybe...lolol but at 47 years old, I dedided I needed to jump into the deep end of physical torment by getting the brakes beat off of me several times a week by guys half my age! I started this in February 2021 as well. It is absolutely the best martial art for law enforcement and I found a non-profit that will pay for cops up to a blue belt (1.5 to 2 years).


Family Moved Home!

Finally, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson moved back home and we get to see them everyday! Elijah is now 4 and is halfway through pre-K. My son-in-law decided to become a cop and works for a town right next door to where I work. He is really good at it and I'm very proud of him! I absolutely adore having my daughter home again and it looks like there will be a granddaughter coming in January!!!!

So, that is just a quick overview of some of the blessing God brought into my life and how that helped jolt the desire to write and share again. A couple of new tattoos and 1 class away from MBA rounded out the blessings! lolol I don't possess the mastery of words to begin to describe how much I have enjoyed speaking with some of you the past few days and I can't wait to catch up with everyone else. You guys have remained in my thought and dear to my heart. Great to see you again!!!

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