The Truth hidden behind the smiles


After pondering over the lives people live nowadays, I don't think there is a more true saying than the one that says nothing is what it seems. I used to ask myself questions like: Why would anybody take their own life?
Especially, when suicides became increasingly popular amongst celebrities out there. As a kid, you look at celebrities and all you see is a group of people living the dream life. They can afford whatever they want, luxurious lives, vacations, cars, houses etc. To any kid growing out there, that's the dream life and most people will kill to get it.

Then, this same peopple who are supposed to be living the dream, throw smiles here and there infront of the camera pretending to be so happy but deep down it is just a big lie.We think they have it all but because we see exactly what they want us to see but within, they are depressed, suffering, hopeless and miserable. You look at some couples and you think to yourself I will like to have a family just like that. In your eyes they are the perfect couple but down the road all you hear one day is they are going in for a divorce. The shells begin to crack and you can hardly believe what was hidden in those smiles.


Nothing is what it seems really and I think one should be grateful, appreciative and contented with what you have and try to be happy in that. Instead of always comparing yourself to others and wishing you were like them because in your eyes they seem so perfect. You don't know what that person is carrying inside or what they are going through. Sometimes, you find rich, wealthy men who are still miserable and so unhappy. Then you find some very poop people but so happy even with the little they have. That tells me, true happiness is not found in material things but in your relationships with the ones you love and care about.

I sometimes ask myself why I want to be successful and rich. Every time the answer boils down to making my family and loved ones comfortable. So, what good will it do if in my quest to achieve this, I neglect them and ruin that relationship or lose them in the process, what good will the success, wealth and fame do? Nothing.
Many have ruined their relationships with the ones they love and care about all in the name of pursuing success and wealth. In the end, they make it but when they turn around, the face the reality. There is no one to enjoy it with them. They become lonely, fall into depression and some even consider suicide as the easy way out.

Life is full of its so many pressures. We live in a society where success is almost measured in terms of your net worth. The pressure to make it big ever increasing and many fall short to keep up and when they can't stand to face the World because of their failure, they do drastic things. So many young people commiting suicide here and there every day. People walking down the streets smiling, expressing this form of external happiness but deep down they are empty and miserable.
Why not focus on the things that truly matter? What if we try to show a little contentment and not have to face life with all this pressure?

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