Predicting Btc Accurately?

Many conservative predictions are calling for below 20k or more, with some as high as 30,000 late this year or early next year. That said, it's imposible to know when to buy and when to sell. The price may go down in 10 minutes and stay depressed for a year. Because of this many choose to DCA in, making regular buys over a period of time. My advice to all investors whatever you do, don't make future plans contingent on hitting a certain number by a certain date. Also be sure that you have a plan for what you actually would do in different scenerios. When you'd take profits. What you'd do if we went down for a year. what you'd do if we go parabolic. If you are going to have a forever stack and a profit stack. good luck! I hope my article helped you to make good trading decisions)

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