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Daily Grind

2010-06-21 - Monday - 08:46 PM | Brandon and Monica Kyle Married in September of 2010

Brandon Kyle: "is on the daily grind at moore st... officially."

Driving the Van

2010-07-27 - Tuesday - 01:22 PM - Amira Onuoha: "I saw you driving the Moore st van on the Freeway the other day. I wanted to honk, pull over and chat...but we were on the freeway and that's basically impossible! I hope you are having a serving over there...they are a LUCKY bunch of kids to have You as their youth pastor!"


Brandon was at Moore Street as early as June of 2010 it appears, actually. Blake died in May and Brandon was there a month later. Brandon most likely arrived after I left for Camp Redwood Glen.

Youth Pastor

After Blake Webb died, I remember at least one time (in around May and June of 2010, before I went to Redwood Glen) that at least one person, possibly Janae Orr, suggesting ("How about Joey?) that I should become the new youth pastor to replace Blake.

Cannot Drive Excuse?

But I remember the pastor of our Moore Street Corps, Major Barbara A. Sloan, looking kind of stern in her face and she said that the problem would be, and I quote, "But Joey doesn't drive." But that doesn't mean I couldn't learn how to drive. Probably just an excuse as she probably didn't like me or only a little bit. I think that some people didn't want me in that type of position.

First Impression, Second Impression

Of course, I wasn't giving people a good first impression or second impression or any impression except for maybe my Yoda impression haha. Well, I've been a partial slob to an extent. Of course, my intentions were to simply save money, time, resources, as many things can be time-consuming. Of course, I would try to look good and act professional at times. But I sometimes wanted to act crazy and many different things. I believe in what I do and in what I've done. I may do things a bit different now in 2020 as I look back at things. Well, it's a long story. It's a paradox and I can talk all day about it. So, I say all of this to say that I can understand when people think that I shouldn't be a youth pastor or this thing or that thing. Again, long story and I don't have time to talk about all of that right now. To be continued.

New Leaders

2008-07-11 - Captains Jim and Barbara Sloan received word in March that they would be assigned or reassigned somewhere and then were later told it would be to Moore Street effective on the 11th of July of 2008. I visited Moore Street a few times over the years. First time may have been in 2007 and I stood up and spoke before the morning service congregation to talk about my experience in Revolution Hawaii 2007-2008. So, I stood up and talked for a minute probably in June of 2008 or it may have been on that same day that the Sloans arrived. But I don't really remember them at that time and I thought I remembered the previous leaders, the Potters, when I stood up to talk about RevHI. I was regularly attending Moore Street almost every Sunday from like September of 2009 until something like May of 2011, minus some of June and July of 2010 due to being at Camp Redwood Glen.

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