Doctors said HCQ would end the Covid 2020 Pandemic. In Wuhan, they're having a music festival, no masks, no social distancing, in the very alleged birthplace of Covid.

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2020-08-18 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-08-18 - Tuesday
Published in August of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-08-18 19:30:42 Laura.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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General Shepherd

01:45 AM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Mon 08/17/20 Full Show 720p

Doctors said HCQ would end the Covid 2020 Pandemic

In Wuhan, they're having a music festival, no masks, no social distancing, in the very alleged birthplace of Covid.

EMP Shield – Vehicle EMP Protection 12 Volt DC for Car and Truck (DC-12V-WV)


Mission Darkness MOLLE Faraday Pouch. Military-Grade Bag Attaches to Any MOLLE Webbing System. RF Signal Blocking + Anti-Hacking/Tracking/Spying + Data Privacy for Phones, Tablets & Electronic Devices


TitanRF Faraday Tape - High-Shielding Conductive Adhesive Tape // Used to Connect TitanRF Fabric Sheets or Seal RF Enclosures (1" W x 120" L)


Earth Grounding Faraday RFID Shielding Fabric-Block WiFi/RF-Anti-Radiation Conductive Magnetic Copper/Nickel EMF Protection Fabric 39"x43" inch


EMF Blanket - Radiation Shielding


Mission Darkness X2 Faraday Duffel Bag + Detachable MOLLE Faraday Pouch. RF Shielding for Large Electronics & Mobile Devices // Used for Law Enforcement & Military Forensics + Data Privacy


Mission Darkness Dry Shield MOLLE Faraday Pouch (2nd Gen) // Waterproof & Submergible Dry Bag + RF Shielding Liner. Signal Blocking, Anti-tracking, EMP Shield, Data Privacy, Electronic Device Security


MONOJOY Faraday RFID Book Box for Car Key Fob Keyless Signal Blocking and Cell Phone RF Shielding PU Leather Brown Cage with Magnet to Close


[Upgraded] EMF WiFi Router Shield Blocks Up to 95% Harmful Waves, WiFi Router Cover RF Radiation Shield 12x9x4 inches, Faraday Cage for WiFi Router Modem


Faraday Cage Military Grade Uber Thick EMP ESD Solar Flare Bags 15pc 2-Metal Layer, Fully-SPECCED, Heavy Duty Electro-Shielding Kit X-Large Laptop/Notebook iPad Windows Survivalists Preppers


Wentworth 101

2020-08-18 - Tuesday - 03:00 AM - 03:50 AM - Wentworth 101

Prison life

Nature Girl

05:34 PM - Hive

You could become a new super hero. Love the makeup, the art.

Little Mermaid

05:37 PM - Hive

Are you left-handed, Little Mermaid? Love the blue makeup, very cute.

Bill Gates Bad

05:45 PM - Facebook

They say some countries try to ban Bill Gates, including India.

Bill Gates said they're starving third world countries to death. Go watch Bill say these words. He is in Japan talking about it, talking about the different vaccines. He is in China talking about it. The goal is to get third world countries to flood America. They're not lying about it any more. They're out in the open admitting to what they're doing.

What did Bill Gates' dad do? Please do not tell me what his father did. I do not want to know. Please do not say one thing about what his father did. I do not want to know.

Plants become stronger as they oppose wind. Likewise, we must withstand the storms of life if we really want to grow and expand in strength.

Torturing Millie Weaver

On the Common Sense Show | Facebook

Cops arrested Millie Weaver and Facebook will not let you show photos of Millie. So, we can't let people know what is happening.

Police abducted and kidnapped her.

Millie was tortured in jail, in prison.

Vaccines Are Bad

05:50 PM - Facebook | Facebook

A good vaccine would be fine but the vaccines they give us have baby fetus and other things in them.


05:55 PM - Facebook

Yeah, I do want to minimize my consumption of preservatives and fragmented sugar. I like complete sugar, as in brown sugar, molasses, or honey for example. White sugar is incomplete sugar. So, I would prefer real sugar over fake or partial sugar any day.

Antichrist & Globalists

05:58 PM - Facebook

I believe in fighting the antichrist and globalists as well.

Facebook just told me that Shadow Gate is totally false.

Faraday Cages

06:20 PM - Minds

Michael Faraday invented and created the Faraday cage in 1836 which was designed to block electromagnetic pulse (EMP), for example, radio waves, WIFI, etc. But they say that a compass can still work inside a Faraday cage.

Electromagnetic compatibility

06:33 PM - Wikipedia

How EMP can affect objects is a major branch within Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We want to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

ENC study emission, susceptibility, and coupling.


07:24 PM - LIVE Laura Loomer Victory Party

Anchor Babies

Comcast had a fundraiser for Joe Biden.

Understanding SSD

Debunked: Your SSD won't lose data if left unplugged after all
Linear Tape-Open (LTO)

Red Guy

09:10 PM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - August 18, 2020

Cold Storage

09:34 PM - How to Geek

This article mentions that a BD-R disc could contain up to 25 GB.


General Shepherd

01:45 AM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Mon 08/17/20 Full Show 720p

Wentworth 101

2020-08-18 - Tuesday - 03:00 AM - 03:50 AM - Wentworth 101


07:24 PM - LIVE Laura Loomer Victory Party

Geeks + Gamers

09:04 PM - Game Of Thrones Season 8 Remake Talks RETURN After Charles Dance SLAMS The Ending!

Golden State Times

09:08 PM - MINI RALLY: President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech to Supporters in Yuma Arizona

Red Guy

09:10 PM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - August 18, 2020

sarah cole was a staff in cmt and part of the jsa trinity and you can hoff about oh man catch 22 spain

Headache & Remedy

Headache today, brought to you by not sleeping more than 5 hours or so last night and perhaps not wearing a jacket or being too cold at night and maybe during the day too. Maybe worked a little too hard landscaping. Maybe several different factors but I took some magnesium and I am recovering.

Nap around 09:40 PM or earlier to 12:30 AM and still got a headache. Took some pain reliever.

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