You can copy and paste content from CD to HDD. It is easy to do. Just drag and drop or copy and paste which is the same thing. Life is a lot like that. Some people will say that some things are not possible to do, including the CD thing I'm mentioning here, but it is possible. I put in a post for a new garden.

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2020-07-24 - Friday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-07-24 - Friday
Published in July of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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I copied a game, specifically the content on a CD, onto an external hard drive and then installed from there to make it think the hard drive was the CD as installing it made it ask for the CD when I tried earlier. So, this seems to be a way around the CD requirement and it does seek after a different video dimension which messes with the monitor.

Fuller House

01:30 AM - 02:00 AM - Fuller House 309 - They go to Japan.
02:08 AM - 03:06 AM - Fuller House 310

Woke up a few times and went back to sleep and eventually got up for good at 09:00 AM and one of my dreams or like feeling I had when I got up the last time or one of the other times was that I messed up the house, I mean the room.

The Internet is like the knowledge of good and evil, an ocean you can drown in.

Surfing the web is like flying through space in that you can lose bone mass, bone density, as you run into less pressure in space due to less or no gravity.

Asking about what kind of demons there are is a pandora box in that it is dangerous to the extent you do not hold the full armor of God.


02:23 PM - Listening to Wholetunes and one of the healing frequencies is 444 Hz and one of the distruptive ones is 440 as developed or discovered by a Nazi scientist or something like that. Dub-Step, Rock, and some music can be and has been tuned to the 440 frequency and is hurting people. There are many reasons and ways video games and technology and many things hurt our brains and especially that of the developing minds of children and teens.

Digital vs Analog

Digital things are like the brain and yet you may not want the brain to talk. Well, I am not saying do not let the brain talk, if it could through telepathy or personification or magic or whatever the case might be. But there is a contrast between the value of digital but also analog. So, I am trying to use an analogy to describe the difference between digital being like the brain in storing digital thoughts or brain waves and the analog vocal cords of your voice box which allows you and gives you the ability to talk. I would prefer technology that utilizes both, that is digital for storage data and analog for expressing it.

Whole New World

I was singing this song and also Sister Sister. Nice show about sisters. Black sisters. From another mother, just kidding.

Breaking Video Games

In like 1998 or so, when I was like 13, I would get so mad playing this like Street Fighters like video game on a gameboy or handheld device, I think it was called the new Neo Geo Pocket color, I would throw the device because I was like at the last boss at like the last level and so close to beating the game and was losing and I broke the device I think. It can be impulsive.

Project Arimea

It means Project Heart Attack and the Dub Step music in this video game of spaceships dodging square does put pressure on your body like war does to make you age and die faster. Technology in general can fragment the mind.


In like 1993 or so, like when I was eight, I would sometimes be able to audibly hear things I heard before, like music but in my head, like the Newsies songs for example. Some dreams can be vivid visually too as if I was awake and not sleeping. I can sense brain rot inside my own brain over the years. Music can heal it. Many things can help heal your brain. You should seek after new connections and also old ones too to help your brain.

Facebook froze me for uploading a pic of Millie.

The Chosen is a good show that features Jesus. Reminds me of The Stranger.

Walking through the woods. Oh, not really. Not sure who it is. Just kidding, just me. Oh, let your name be known. That book about sound. There is power in what you speak. Another book about tech and kids.


2020-07-24 - Friday - 10:05 PM - 11:15 PM - Hanna 103

Hanna was on a train. The guys are going after her.

Hanna learns how to drive while helping his dad and his friends escape with like guns at a military or storage like place.

2020-07-24 - Friday - 11:15 PM - 12:10 AM - Hanna 104

Hanna finds out that Erik is not her father but more like a step-father and he didn't kill her mom but it is tough to trust him because he was not telling her much.*//

Oh, who are you? Good question. Little red riding hood. Good friend. Meet me on the front porch. Oh, it is just you. I was walking back. Oh, too small. It was just me. Hard to see me.


01:30 AM - 02:00 AM - Fuller House 309
02:08 AM - 03:06 AM - Fuller House 310


2020-07-24 - Friday - 10:05 PM - 11:15 PM - Hanna 103
2020-07-24 - Friday - 11:15 PM - 12:10 AM - Hanna 104

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