Stick together with your tribe at Walmart with no mask on. Wear your face instead of a mask and smile. Put your love glasses on in life. Be ready for anything. Have an open mind always. Drink more tea. Swim around with friends and have good conversations. Take a nap under a tree if you want. Watching Hanna 102.

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2020-07-19 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-07-19 - Sunday
Published in July of 2020

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Watching Fuller House, season 3, this week

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Mask of the Opera

01:18 AM - Hive

Puts new meaning to the Phantom of the Opera, the man who wore a mask. It took a beautiful woman to get him to rip off his face mask.


2020-07-19 - Sunday - 01:36 AM - 02:22 AM - Hanna 102

Hanna is the Female Version of Jungle Book.

The Indian girl, Sophie, meets Hanna in the desert and they become friends. Hanna dances pretty well like a jungle woman. Her father swim across like a sea or something. Hanna rides with Sophie's family and the bad guys go after her. In the end, Hanna runs and hops on a train wquite literally.



2020-07-19 - Sunday - 01:36 AM - 02:22 AM - Hanna 102

Got up at 08:30 AM and was packing and eating for 15 minutes or more. Was trying to sleep last night after watching Hanna 102 and was contemplating today. But I eventually fell asleep. The mouse is ready. I'm the Ugly Mouse as she called me in Vietnam. We got there and I ate a banana and orange. Had some yogurt before we got there. After that, went downstairs and I mentioned John 3:19 which talks about how men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. Sin is a ruler and to be without sin is to be God, period, and not just perfect. All our righteousness is as filthy rags a verse in Isaiah goes. I mentioned that too. People prefer to follow and to give up freedom for alleged security. The good news is we can lead them lest they follow the wrong leaders as most want to follow. Most people do not want to lead. So, go lead. Sermon waqs abou Revelations and persecution and standing up for what is right. After that, three of us were walking in Walmart in Shelton, WA without masks on. This little light of mine song, hide under a face mask no, I'm going to let it shine. Went to a lake, was invited. I drank some root beer and a lemon like soda. Also some like juice and water. Had chicken, beans, egg salad. Like KFC chicken and all the food, they bought at Walmart for like $30 or $30 for each part or something like that. I went in the water for like 5 minutes and was then testing out my new camera. People we know were in the water. She swam out there. No mom, go away lol. Fun car or van ride back. Before that, I had to get my shorts. Talk at home about gardens. M&M talked about it. A mention a contrast between being delusional and being deceptive. I cannot say and I try to be open minded. Good to organize the RV. I like that. We walked down the trail to Bob. I was working on WIFI. Looking for walking stick. Sakira. Not Shaq. To cut down a tree to make a walkign stick. She cut down half a berry tree thing. We kept going. I sat on the grass by the hall. Sorry for not waiting. No pick out new movies. We talked later on. First, another chat. C. I went out and cut down a tree so she can have a walking stick. Saw a deer or another animal must have died and was partly eatened and I took photos of it around 08:00 PM or 09:00 PM today. We played Skip-Bo. I put the blue ball in the gerbile or rat cage and watched it. Had juice, the sandwich cracker things with egg inside. Had some tea and we had a good time until like 10:30 PM. Then it was me playing with the mouse animal. Then was closing the garage door with a button. Was closing binds, locking doors, organing my things in my room. Now, it is 11:58 PM. God, please bless the next day.

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