A Visit from the Mantis Insect !!

I was sitting at a local vendor store by the beach on Koh Samui island the other week , after ordering my food i was sitting there quietly waiting on my food and playing with my phone all of sudden this green insect landed on my hand it gave me a bit of a tingling frightening feeling at first to i actually noticed what it was so i wasn't about to scare him off he seem quite comfortable at the moment so i just turned my phone camera straight on to him hopping that he wouldn't suddenly take of , i snapped a few quick shots a little blurry but hang around a few seconds before he decided to leave.



The Mantis is a peculiar looking insect with triangular heads and bulging eyes supported on flexible necks the closest insect to looking like a Alien. The praying Mantis belong to the order of Mantodea family and there are about 2300 species of praying mantis described. They can be in length between 1 and 16 cm that's huge.



Known also as the praying Mantis and it was what this was doing as to be praying but actually that is the position they get into before striking at there prey an amazing insect they say they can be kept as a pet that i would love it can eat all the mosquitoes that get into my room. A praying Mantis catches other insects with there strong front legs. The front legs are lined with spikes and close in a certain way to have a firm grip on the prey how interesting. I going to have to get myself one as a pet...lol 🤣



Thank you @whatisnew for sending us out on Butterfly and Insect hunting it would not be the same with out #butterflyday or #insectpub