EXODE distributes rewards and announces new medals

It's TIME!

Stations Aramea, Coriatis and Ivski have been evacuated, and now their citizens want to express their thanks... and some shiny rewards!

Who performed best?
Who helped others the most?
What was earned for everyone?

Let's open the curtains, and reveal all of it now!


Top performance

The Federation wants to congratulate the following captains for the three top performances:

@slabakbg : 2576 Evacuation Score

December 2nd, 0:44 AM.
Evacuation of Station IVSKI.

The Cargo docked with a loud 'thud'.

The beast was long, huge, and thirsty. And he will be filled. No point being discrete here: everyone should have noticed. Another Kormen starship docked to Station Ivski!

Hearing that sound, seeing this long shape, station crew will immediately get ready and make sure fuel can be loaded, and at once. The Beast will have its booze!


With a sign, and not a single word, Ayumi led two other dark silhouettes to the docks.


They quickly disappeared from view. The cameras showed the rest: people were moving away from their path, avoiding them, and looking sideways.

Nash did not. He looked at them leaving and sighed.

Yes, it was true: to every witness, their presence filled every room with dread. Silent was their pace, swift their movements. Their blades solidly attached to their back were almost unnoticeable with all their black outfit, even as they moved. But they had other weapons. Yet it did not need anyone to see the blades or guns to know. The tattoos. The eyes. The stillness. The moves. They were SYNDICATE. And no one messes with these guys. He saw them in action, too. And that made him shiver.

Yes, Nash knew how deadly these three were. Still it was no secret: to him, their beauty even outmatched the fear they inspired. So in the end he smiled while readying his powergun, then securing it to his side. "Maybe next time!", he whispered to himself.


Oksana shook her head and looked away.

"Fortunately we did not recruit THAT one for his expertise on women", she snapped. But she was quick to clear her thoughts after that.


Her fingers were manipulating her holoscreens with haste. The station maps were switched one after the other. While chewing dry kanta, she muttered a fierce "There you ARE, babies...". She zoomed on the storage areas.

"24 of you... 4 here... 16 there... and here are the last four."

All these were large, precious cargo crates. Her mission was clear, she was here to deal with them. But the first question was: will they will have enough time? And the second question: will the neuter-field work with such a mass?

One of the blue-cladded guys smirked.


They were Syndicate but also professionnals. No place for beginners in their trade. Removing federal limits on a regular hyperdrive? piece of cake. Overclocking engine? piece of cake. They had the skills, the code, and an access to ship interior.

Closing logs.

Captain Slabak successfully evacuated 24 cargo crates, 600k fuel and 2 citizens. He survived more than 10 minutes after alarm rang (for 616 seconds total).

This placed him as top score.
The Federation thanks him for his amazing performance!

@eyebroo : 2475 Evacuation Score

Captain Eyebroo even exceeded the survival time of Slabak, with 645 time instead of 616. He too played a Repentant Pirate!

The Federation congratulates him for his steel nerves and resistance in battle.
Great evacuation, @eyebroo! You ended up second!


@blockmonster : 2449 Evacuation Score

Very close in score, Captain Blockmonster / Autobodhi had his own personal record here: he played a Stranded Trader on a Kormen Cargo, allowing more cargo for his ship.

He managed to load 33 cargo crates before making the jump, proving to be the best loader we have seen. The Federation is proud of this stunning performance! You ranked third!


The Federation proudly dispatches the following rewards:

Rewards for all Participants

New rewards here!
Because it's Christmas!

Thanks to the completion of station Rank III:

All captains who participated to this challenge (who made progress to an objective or helped us hunt bugs and improve the game during this challenge by participating) will also receive:

  • 3 bound alpha boosters (1 for each completed station in this challenge)
  • 1 unbound alpha booster (special reward of Rank III)
  • 200 free experience points (special reward of Rank III and Rank II)
  • 3 bound Emergency Orders (2 earned for Rank III, 1 for Rank II); these will be very useful in the full games (colonization!).

... which means more than 12 USD rewards in boosters for participants. The fact some are bound is to avoid impacting valuation of player assets; but this challenge is still making your decks stronger!

These will be shipped in a few hours, and then we will continue our scans to make sure we do not forget anyone.

Your experience points will also appear end of this week!

Top contributors

There were many runs performed to complete evacuation and objectives. For this challenge we separated these runs, as they were more varied with many objectives spread between syndicate, military, civilian and scientific runs.

Some of these runs ended up on top of score while keeping their variety and playing for the community:

  • Blockmonster played a Stranded Trader on a Taurus Transport (both Elite!)
  • Eyebroo put Cranium as officer and had a criminal deck with Triskan Fighters and Scarlet Sarah! but also some syndicate members and a probably kidnapped Elite Norah.
  • Revisesociology had a Colombus ship with a full Syndicate crew!


@blockmonster, @eyebroo and @revisesociology made the best runs to participate to objectives (with slabakbg as very close runner with a Secret Agent run) and every one of these three will earn 50 bonus HIVE.

Top cooperation and support

Some captains were extremely active during this challenge and helped complete many objectives, scoring medals but also rewards for the entire community.

The three most participating players will also be rewarded with 50 HIVE:

@slabakbg : 2500 challenge points
Most notable achievements: best Military, Scientific, Syndicate and Civilian.
Also scored 3 secret objectives!

@cryptoriddler : 1900 challenge points
Most notable achievements: best Civilian, and found the full robot Crew secret objective!

@eyebroo , @palasatenea : 1700 challenge points
Several top achievements too between the two of them, such as Best Criminal, Scientific and Civilian for @eyebroo, and many Rank II top achievements for @palasatenea. Both will be rewarded with 3rd place!


Other participants include:

@veryanprime : 1600 challenge points
@blockmonster: 1400 challenge points
@digital-wisdom: 1300 challenge points
@paleshelter: 1200 challenge points
@proto26: 1200 challenge points
@revisesociology: 1100 challenge points
@vathnonmind: 900 challenge points
@godfish: 800 challenge points
@jackdoe: 300 challenge points
@mfblack: 300 challenge points
@apprentice001: 300 challenge points
@sevenoh-fiveoh: 200 challenge points
@cryptoyzzy: 200 challenge points
@gamsam: 100 challenge points
@dantemonion: 100 challenge points

*... and more! such as @marc5, @khazrakh, @hooiyewlim, @kobusu, @jpbliberty, @funnel, @warrentrx, @karinxxl who docked to the challenge stations.

All EXODE players will receive their Ivski (Rank III) medal in our next feature: this will be announced soon, in our next message!

Don't see your name in there and you think it should be?
You can tell me on Discord!

Congratulations and thanks to all captains for their participation.
You made it!

Missed this contest?

Have no regret: this was an alpha challenge, with tests, and next challenge will be made all powerful thanks to the efforts of our players! There will be many other challenges!

There are many improvements we are looking forward to: this includes an improved scoring system, a clearer information about top runs during the challenge, more rewards for varied decks, etc.

Also, our next official challenge will take some time to prepare (and rest!) but will feature an Event Store: this means a place where you will be able to spend your challenge points to take your rewards!

See you soon, captains! Dismissed!


More information about EXODE can also be found on our website, our Discord, or multiple posts such as this one about our epic characters, or this trailer made by a fan, or this review or this one . A summary of latest posts and events is also here.

Also running a witness node:
You can check the post about it here and if you like what this means you can:

See you soon in eXode!

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