Exode Game - My review after playing the Alpha version

Hi everyone,

I've spent an hour playing the first Alpha version of the new Exode game!

As you might know already, the game has two phase: Evacuation and Colonization. The alpha version only covers the Evacuation phase, in which you have a limited time to gather resources, fuel and people, while you are under constant attack by an angry extraterrestrial civilization.

The Alpha version released today is only available for PC (downloadable as an zip file - official link available on the discord server). This very first version was released today so that we get a feeling about the atmosphere of the game. It is not using yet the cards from your collection, but a basic Navy Lieutenant Origin set, on level one:


More releases are expected in the next days, adding more functionality to the Evacuation scene: a web version, and the possibility to play with your real cards.

But let's concentrate now on the first Alpha version!

By the way, there's a step-by-step tutorial built in the game, and you must definitely check it!

After you press the start of a new game, you have 300 seconds to get familiar with your crew:


Each crew member has its own attributes, and you need to know your crew before assigning them various roles during the Evacuation:


Once you know all your crew, it's time to dock your ship to the space station, and to supply your ship for the long journey thru space. This is the most intense part of the game, and you really feel the pressure of the attack.

Earth was attacked by surprise, and not all your crew members are available. Some of them did not survived the initial wave, while others might still be missing, and you have to call them back:


With what is left over from your crew, you need to give immediate orders and to organize the activities. You need to recruit people (not yet available in this Alpha version), collect fuel and supplies, defend the ship, upgrade the engines... All this while hostile people are trying to board your ship (stealing cargo, or even attacking your crew members):



Moments after docking and the first orders given to the crew, your ship is also attacked from space.

And now you have the big dilemma: you detach from the space station and jump in hyper-space with whatever you manage to collect, or you wait a little more and try to bring additional resources, hoping that your shields will survive long enough to give you the needed time:


Everything depends now on the cards you own: the class of your ship, the quality of your crew, initial supplies on board, space troopers, pilots, support ships that can defend you while still collecting resources...

And this is the source of all the fun, and what makes this game so special. Each card is a tradable NFT on the HIVE blockchain. Similar cards can be combined obtaining one of a higher level (and with better attributes), and they can earn experience and level-up while they are played.


All images above are snapshots from the playable Alpha version. The game is still in presale for few more days, and starter packs and boosters can be bought at reduced prices.

The game offers an referral program, giving both the referral and the referee two free booster packs, and an Elite card if a certain number of referrals are reached.

To encourage you to join the game, I offer you an additional gift of 5 HIVE if you are joining using my referral code: 0db8650 (Referral link)

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