Ah, Mountain Breeze (Short Story)

The mountain Breeze meets the forest. [Author Notes at the End.]


Ah, Mountain Breeze

The mountain breeze awakened.
It took flight.
It howled for the journey.

The mountain breeze met the forest.
It greeted the trees.
It caressed the flowers.
The mountain breeze jumped at joy seeing new roses bloom.

"It's windy today." The lumberjack returned the breeze's greeting.
"We better finish before it rains." His log-carrying friend said.
The mountain breeze whistled as it passed the two.

The river greeted the mountain breeze.
It greeted back. It slowed down to enjoy the view.
The breeze followed the stream down the waterfall.

A cave stood in the way of the breeze.
The mountain breeze accepted the challenge.
It flew in. It whistled, and vibrated through the cave.

The mountain breeze met the sea.
It found its brothers and sisters sweetly sleeping.
The mountain breeze slowly slept. Protected by the stronger wind of the sea.

The End


Author Notes

This is an entry to Dreemport's August Word-of-the-week challenge. I choose the Element Air / Wind. I started writing the story with just Wind in mind, but I felt it's more appropriate to be about a pleasant Breeze.

It's not a complex story, but I enjoyed writing it. I hope the prose was vivid enough that you had a pleasant time reading it.

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Salam (Peace.)

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