50% Service Fee Or 50% Cash Refund Plus Free Offers

2002 would not pass without offering the 50% off promo and sale in my country.

When it comes to buying products and paying for services, I would not confirm at the counter without looking at the offers.

A product sale and a service promo plus free offers made my day after I went to a salon yesterday to pamper myself.

Once again it is #MarketFriday powered by a beautiful soul, no other than @dswigle.

Have you bought a product or paid a service at the salon lately?

Since I had a day off, I had thoughts of pampering myself for it has been a while that I have not touched my hair for reborn and rebond.

I pampered myself for 12 hours while buying a product and availing the free services and promos.

As I entered I looked around and noticed that they were also selling hair products for hair treatment.

When I went to the counter, I have seen a Hair Treatment and Conditioner.

According to the hairdresser, it yields good results, so I was interested to try, and was able to buy it at 500 pesos or 10 dollars.

I believe that this perfectly fit for my hair because I really had treated strands already due to various processes that I had tried to my hair back then.

Naturally, I had a curly hair but I am always in love with straight hairs so periodically, I spend time at the salon for hair rebond with hair treatment.

Being a lover of aesthetics, I always wanted my hair to be colored with blonde.

With thoughts that many would avail the offers, I was very early at the salon and I arrived as early as 7:30 AM, but prior to going at the salon, I already confirmed my booking via messenger.

When I arrived at the salon, the hairdresser and beautician allowed me to be seated at a most comfortable place while they were preparing. I was an early bird making me the first customer and I was accommodated very well.

This was the first time that I was able to go in this establishment.

Even before, I have heard good feedbacks that this is an excellent salon for its professional quality services and products but it is quite pricey.

50% Off For All Services Offered

Originally, the services offered were very expensive. But because of the Fiesta or a religious festival and celebration in the place where it was located, they were offering a promo.

A 50 percent discount for all services offered was very enticing…

Before, the highest price for all services offered was the Sebastian Rebond that costs 7,000 pesos or about 140 dollars.

But now, its price is down to 3,500 pesos or 70 dollars, on the other hand, the lowest price among all services was the Regular Rebond before at 2,000 pesos or about 40 dollars, but now 1,000 pesos or 20 dollars.

Other services offered with its 50% discount were the Xtenzo rebond at 3,000 pesos or 60 dollars, Wella Rebond at 2,500 pesos or 50 dollars, L'oreal Rebond Color at 2,000 pesos or 40 dollars, Japanese Rebond at 1,750 pesos or 35 dollars, Power Rebond at 1,500 or 30 dollars, and the Power Straightening

Thinking that I got a big discount, I had chosen the Sebastian Rebond, discounted for 50% so I had only paid 3,500 pesos or 70 dollars which reflected quality and excellence of the salon.

Here are the processes done to my hair for the package that I have selected.

Sebastian Rebond includes hair color, plus power treatment, and hair cut.

Meanwhile, the hairdresser handed me the color chart while allowing me to choose my favorite highlights.

And I was able to select the Lightest Blonde Color.

Free Meals, Snacks, And WIFI

I admit that I one of the reasons why I periodically go at the salon because it consumes so much time and I even have a hungry stomach.

This salon is really one of a kind because it offered free meals and snacks. It was a sumptuous meal and the foods were so delicious.

I have not been into a salon before that offers free meals and snacks.

And this is the only one I know that had this service. Usually other salons would just display snacks and meals for sale but not totally free like what I have experienced in an amazing salon yesterday.

In addition, not all salons in the Philippines offers a free WIFI since the internet to paid by consumers monthly are truly expensive.

But I am really amazed that the establishment is offering a Free Wifi, so while I was pampered, I got the chance to surf online through my mobile phone.

50% Service Fee Or 50% Cash Refund

Another great offer of this salon is to have a Loyalty Card.

This loyalty card offers either a 50% service fee or 50% cash refund.

There are several number of blanks in a row, whenever I would complete every service for each row, I would be entitled for the golden service which is a free service of a particular entry completed.
So thinking of availing all the services, I could let my friends borrow my loyalty card, so whenever it will be completed, I would get either a 50% service fee or 50% cash refund.

But if I were to choose, I would rather select the 50% service fee since it is not an all time promo and it rarely happens in a year.

I got idle for almost 12 hours in the salon, when all the services were almost done, time check was 7:28 o'clock in the evening, but I never regret any because I was truly relaxed for a day.

It was a wonderful day in my life at the salon with a great experience. Perhaps I had been served very well and paid for the best products and services offered.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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