Impakabsat 2022 featuring Kalinga Province

The last week of Impakabsat 2022 ended yesterday and the last province to be featured is the province of Kalinga.

I have only visited some places of Kalinga and I have shared that here. There is so many more to explore about this wonderful province. For now, let's enjoy what products are offered.

Last Sunday, we went to the Impakabsat venue and checked out what were on display there. I already have one product in mind that I wanted to buy and that is Kalinga coffee. The province is known for its robusta coffee.

Unlike during our first visit to the event, there were lesser stalls selling coffee this time.

There were those who are selling red rice and black rice and other variants of rice. I planned on buying but they were more pricey that those sold in the public market. This made me realize that the stuff sold there at the event are probably more expensive than those sold in the market for I am guessing these participants have to pay the mall or probably not.

The first thing we saw when we arrived at the venue are the traditional tattoo artists. I didn't see them right away actually for I was busy checking out the coffee stall. I was hoping I could get a free taste this time but the line is long so I didn't bother. That's when I saw what was going on behind the stall.

I had to go back and check the tarpaulin stating the event and another one beside it said that there are two tattoo artists who will be there for two days offering there services. I was not able to ask for the fee. I remember when we went to Buscalan that they charged us per line. I'm not sure if it was the same here or whether they charged per design which is way cheaper.

You can see how intently the artists are doing the tattoing that I didn't bother asking them questions. There were also people in line waiting for there turn. There is a list of designs that you can choose from and the meaning of those designs are indicated there.

Most of the products sold there were handmade products from woven clothes, accessories, headgear, bags. Certainly less variety than last time but more colorful this time. Kalinga is known for its striking colors with red and yellow dominating.

There were also wine and veggie snacks but those were only a few.

Aside from the coffee, we also bought chili paste. Kalinga is known to be chili lovers and that is evident in the paste that we bought. It is consistently spicy and I love it! The coffee that we bought has that almost chocolate smell and taste to it. There is a hint of rice and/or corn. I think this is going to be one of the fave drip coffees. This is different from what is sold in the market of Bulanao where it is more of rice/corn like flavor to it.

Here are the photos that I took in that said event:

I forgot how much were the items that we bought but the coffee was cheaper than the Arabica and Robusta blend that we purchased last time.

I'm glad that this event was held again and that I have participated to this year's Impakabsat 2022 featuring Kalinga Province. Looking forward to future events.

I posted this in my social media and was surprised to get a comment from one of the representatives of the said event.

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