Rising star game: Temporary Redemption From Ego.

Ego directly effects on your starbits earning from missions. it reduces reward per mission. to get rid of ego there is 2 ways but I'll tell you the 3rd one.

2 mostly known ways to get rid of ego.

  1. Increase your skills by completing music lessons or buy skill cards to keep ego balanced. you get ego from 2 ways, 1 from fan cards and 2nd from missions.

2 . Store your all extra cards in storage warehouse and remove from storage whenever you want.
there are 3 type's storage cards (Warehouse, shipping container, storage trailer) are available you can easily buy from the market.
you can buy any of them which is fit for your need.

Warehouse:1000 cards storage capacity.


Shipping container: 100 cards storage capacity.


Storage trailer: 10 cards storage capacity.


These are mostly known ways to get rid of ego.

Now I'll tell 3rd way to get rid of ego Temporarily.

let's suppose you have 5000 thousands fans 4000 skills and your ego from missions is 500 so your total ego will be 1500 that means you need 1500 skills to keep it balanced without adding new missions ego.your skills should be 5500 at this stage to keep ego 0%

Now don't have starbits and also can't do music lesson to earn skills then you use this 3rd way to rid of ego.

find some cards in your collections which only have fans try to avoid fan+skills cards. select cards with 1500 fans.

when have cards with only fan put them for sell in the market and keep their price high so others can understand you don't want to sell them you have only listed for keep your ego balanced.

Now keep doing mission and earn some starbits and do music lesson until get enough skills to equal your ego. after getting skills and starbits unlist your cards and buy some card with fan + skills make sure to buy only those which has more than fans

50 fans 150 skills , 225 skills 55 fans , 50 fans 100 skills

I hope you understand how to get Temporary Redemption From Ego...

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