The rising star: Yahoo... 500 Missions Completed And Got 1 Random Card Packs.(Giveaway))

Today is my big day I reached 500 missions and also got 1 random cards pack.

I'm super excited to open is it but I do that tomorrow. I want to giveaway 1 cards
but question is which one?

so here is deal.

  1. let's suppose I opened random card pack and got 1 rare 2 common cards I'll giveaway 1 common card.

  2. If I'll get 1 epic card and 2 common then I'll giveaway both common cards.

  3. If I'll get 1 legendary and 2 common I'll giveaway both common cards and 1 rare card from collection.

to get legendary card is almost impossible but still you can hope for point 1 or 2 conditions

Who will be eligible for giveaway?

any player under level 40 will be eligible who will just leave a comment.
(screenshot will be asked in discord for verification)

How winner will be picked?
The winner will be picked by Hive random comment picker.

when will be draw take place?

Draw will be take place on Monday, 17 August 2021 at 4.PM (GMT+1)
Time in United Kingdom

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