Hive's Most Effective (But CONTROVERSIAL) Marketing Video (So Far)


Hive is great, but very few people, globally-speaking, know it even exists.

There's 7+ billion people in the world and... a whopping 39,000 active users on Hive. (In how many years?)

It could really use some more exposure.

So, with that in mind I made a pretty slick marketing video for Hive.

In fact, I believe what you're about to see is the highest-quality, most polished, Hive promo video created to date.

It took me 7 full days of work to do the script, voiceover, animation, and sound effects on a three year-old laptop. It took me 2+ hours to render 30 seconds of footage... lol.


(Note: I'm not hugely into the motion-graphics and video-production industry, so I'm not sure how much it would cost to make this, but I imagine a substantial amount.)

Why did I put so much energy into this?

Well, I made it because I love teaching by example. And because I wanted to show the 'level of marketing' I believe Hive should be aiming for. And because I care about Hive and I want it to grow.

Anyway, with all this hype, it sounds like this video is something hivers would be wise to use and share, right?

Well, we'll see.

They might just hate on it instead.

Because even though I've poured insane amounts of love into it... it's probably going to piss some hivers off.

And for it to be properly shared by those folks, it may take courage, letting go of triggers, and dropping ego.

Because —like most effective marketing campaigns— it's not tame. Game Of Thrones got big because of their extreme sex and violence. Red Dead Redemption 2 went viral because game-journalists was buzzing over 'horse testicle physics.' Nike reclaimed the spotlight by boldly partnering with ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick. Daring hooks.

My video is nowhere near the above-mentioned levels of boldness, but it is based on my honest experience, and it does have some edge.

And it focuses on what I believe Hive's "killer app" (or "killer feature") truly is:

Namely, that Hive's a stable social platform rewarding it's users in crypto-- unlike FB, Insta, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

@nonameslefttouse often says that all Hive needs is "butts in the seats," and that the average joe will almost certainly give Hive a try if made aware that their commenting, 'liking', and sharing is likely to be rewarded and valued here, rather than abused and unrewarded by big tech.

So I've made a promo spot that speaks to exactly that.

But many Hivers don't approve of this marketing approach.

Maybe some feel 'burned' from Steemit days. Maybe some think money is 'evil.' Maybe some are happy with Hive's objectively slow growth. And maybe they're right, or have valid points. All I know is that it's time for a fresh take, a fresh voice, a fresh approach to spreading the word about this great platform.

And I've done my best to deliver.

Now, if I do get backlash and hate for this, that's fine. I believe Hive still benefits from high-quality creations, even if some may disagree with them. I believe that this content still deserves to be supported and signal-boosted, simply off quality alone.

Basically, I'm still proud of my work. And I believe a good chunk of people will love it. I poured insane amounts of love into this, and I'm not even a big fan of 'marketing.'

I mean, I love marketing as a valuable part of our economy, and it's essential to any business, but for me, marketing's like 'washing dishes'... I'm just not too passionate about it.

At the same time, I'm still damn effective at washing dishes. (And no slouch at marketing either.) I've taught clients to improve their marketing, I've created campaigns for them, I've consulted with big brands on their marketing direction, and more.

And I've also dropped a ton of knowledge on Hive's less-than-optimal approach to marketing, (plus offered alternate approaches,) and I've even done some script-work on @rutablockchain 's Hive explainer video.

So I really thought I was done with the topic.

Except I wanted to polish my video editing, audio, and animation skills, and I needed a 'practice project.' Sure, I could practice on promoting my own brand, or make a gift for a client. But I decided to make a promo spot for Hive instead because, well, I love Hive.

So without further adieu...

Here's a Hive Promo Video made entirely by me, start-to-finish, in a single week.

I hope you like it.

Is it too over-the-top? Too sensational? You may think so, but I say it's solid marketing and an effective way to stand out in a noisy world. Could I have taken a more 'explainer video' approach? Sure.

I could've started with something bland like:

"So, you spend time on social media? Awesome, but does your platform treat you well? Hive's web 3.0 approach makes sure your social interaction is valued and respected, yadda yadda..." and so on.

But I wanted something juicier, and if you just watched it, you know I went in a bolder direction.

To wrap up, I feel my video is the most compelling marketing campaign I've seen for Hive to date, (no disrespect and much love to the other amazing promo efforts out there,) but I understand if it doesn't appeal to you.

Fortunately, the beauty of hive is that a community of hivers offers plenty of alternative offerings if you prefer:

Like This:

And this:

Are a couple examples.

So that's it y'all. Hive gets a high-quality video spot to promote & grow Hive, and I got to practice my directing/producing chops.

And hey...

If you feel Hive is already growing epically fast and doesn't need any boosts from someone promoting the 'sleazy, bad, evil' money motivations Hive is built around, I totally understand.

But I believe most hivers are open-minded enough to see the value of my approach to marketing hive this time around. I reminded of this comment on my previous marketing post by @steevc :

"I do not think we can afford to scare people away or discourage them from joining up. Every human user is potentially a benefit to Hive even if they start off on the wrong path."

Either way, I had fun making it, I hope it sparked something within you, and I wish you all a fantastic day.

Thanks so much for reading, watching, sharing, following, commenting, or even skimming. I appreciate you.

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