People always take me wrong.

Once Shakespeare said : what is in the name??

But sometime I do feel, people may misunderstood you, with your name. Same happens to me multiple time since I migrated to Hive. And at point, I feel like changing my name.


At beginning of Hive, many users took me to be a STEEM follower. When I started my crypto blogging with Steem, I love this name (@steemflow) , even I get many compliment many times for my sweet account name.

But as the tides moves towards HIVE many a times , I faced the wrath of being called a steem lover. Which is not all correct.

Keeping that in mind, I just want to clarify through this meme
which I made at that I have nothing to do with Steem. I am completelly into Hive, and my account name has nothing to do with Steem.

Please accept me solely a Hive lover.

Meme are not only for fun sometime, they do send out strong message, like I tried. Accept me and my account as Hive only.


Namaste @steemflow

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