Inspirational Moments - IU Contest #2 (Winner Announcement)

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are in good health and don’t worry I am not bringing any more of that horrible parody song with me. But I can’t promise that it won’t be back. I am here with the Winners of the
Inspirational Moments - IU Contest #2
is a contest that I hosted about a week ago hoping to find something that inspires me. And I wasn’t disappointed.
Actually, I am glad that I got the opportunity for hosting the contest, that way I got to know a few people and also learn about their inspirations. Without further Ado, let's meet them.

@ismaelgranados: A guitarist who was stuck in a loop and trying to break free and be more. Finds inspiration from the land of the rising sun. Shares his story of how the magic of the music from Japan inspired him to a point that he became obsessed with the Guitarist. Original Post - IU Contest #2: My musical Inspirational Moment (EN/ES)

@cochanet: One can only imagine the impression that her preschool teacher had on her that she decided to become a teacher herself. She was kind enough to share her photo of accomplishment. And lucky enough to find a partner who keeps on inspiring her to be more. Original Post - [EPS/ENG] Momentos Inspiradores - Concurso IU #2/ Inspirational Moments - IU Contest #2

@ayesha-malik: A zoology student. Well here we have a person who decided I don't need inspiration and she becomes the source of inspiration. That's just a guess because she told a classroom to google her name. And I think she is a part-time unofficial Hive Promoter. Original Post - The moment which motivated me

@quduus1: Imagine being inspired by a story and later the role model from the story praise your talent. That's just one of the events in the story shared by this nice fellow. Being inspired is one thing but this dude is lucky enough to be mentored by a role model. Original Post - My Inspirational Moments

Now if you remember there was a reward distribution system mentioned in the contest. And if you know me then you should also know how I treat the rule. So I will be throwing the rules out for this once. (Next time I will throw it out stating a different reason, Just Kidding) I actually failed to judge the article and decided to call it a 4-way tie. (Hear me out) It was difficult to judge and perhaps even unfair to judge such moments. An Insprirational momemt is inspirational. I may not be able to understand it, but there is always someone affected and inspired by it. That is why it is a 4-way tie. (Plus its mid of the week, I have terrible back pain, no sleep, and tomorrow is going to be another busy day, Just kidding)

Congratulation to all the winners!!!

And the reward will be transferred to your account. (Sorry I wish it was more but 0.5 HDB only)

I am inuke and will be back with more amazing contests.

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