My Inspirational Moments

Singing has always been a talent in my family for years....It runs in the family's blood...
Actually the singing started from my eldest sister ...


Funmilayo has always been a singer all her life even as I grew up to know her,she is my eldest sister as said above...she started learning how to sing on her own at a very tender age,from what I heard from my parent,she has been singing since the age of 7...when my parent told me about this I was very surprised and overwhelmed...she started singing then and at the age of ten she joined the children choir in my church although my siblings and I are all converted christians now but then she has already started going to church with mum as she also converted to a christian and that made us all convert...

After joining the children choir she achieved a lot and her voice was so beautiful and melodious that any time she practices her songs at home,I join her and my elder brother doesn't have interest in time goes on ,from my early age I started listening to my eldest sister's voice as she sings beautifully and that made me develop interest in singing...but you can't compare a female's voice to a male's voice...but irrespective of how my voice sounded I still sang with her and then finally decided to follow her footsteps..

As at age 15,I started going to Saturday rehearsals for Sunday ministration...we the children choir in my church do minister in song every Sunday... because of me Joining the Choiristers late I could not meet up with the voice training the had had for months andy sister wasn't really around anymore to train my voice...
After my first rehearsal with the other Choiristers...We were all asked to sing the song one after the other...

The first person was a female,she was asked to sing "You do mighty things"..she stood up and immediately she started singing,mehn I was so moved and touched that her voice was so audible and melodious...

The second person was asked to sing also...she stood up and sang her part also... they all sang beautifully because they had all had voice training for months and I was the only one there that didn't joined them then...

Eventually it got to my turn,I was feeling scared and I stopped shaking and closed my eye...I started on a high note instead of on low note...I was doing well until i went off key and the song I was singing sounded different from the others...I didn't know how it all happened but the other kids burst into laughter because it was so sudden...
They were all laughing so loud that I stopped singing immediately...I only noticed a girl at that moment whom never laughed at me...

Immediately the trainer cautioned them and they were all quite and some still kept on giggling beneath...we rounded up for the day and I didn't go home on time...I tried to perfect my part and then I saw the girl coming towards me...she was the first person that sang the song that day that even our trainer couldn't stop talking about it...

I was shy and also ashamed at the same time..I almost gave up after that time but I decided to practice more and if probably I didn't get it,I will quit..
Tolani walked up to me and greeted me because we don't really mingle,she then smirked at me,I felt shy again and couldn't look her in the face ...this was what she said next..

She said "don't give up because of what happened today but rather build your yourself up the more to beat the people that mocked you today..I was like,what is there after they all made fun of me today..then she told me a story of someone I know well,the person was my sister's set..she told me all about him and his journey as a Choirister..
She told me Bro Gabriel's story,of how his voice was never always in tune with whatever song they perform and he was never bothered,he kept on going and going for years with that same bass voice but he was gifted as a drummer... his drumming skills are divine gifts...she told me when he figured out that was how is voice where,he started training his voice to go along with his drumming skills and years after he was now skilled and beautiful in playing the drums and also singing at the same time and through him lives were touched and changed..


After she told me about him,I also remembered my sister mentioning him then...Then she told that do I still want to give up or be the new Gabriel..then I said I will give it a try and she agreed to be my tutor...she said one word there that really inspired me to learn more then..
She said that"don't ever give up after a trial fails you rather continue to try more so as to learn from the previous mistakes and avoid them and that the start of something little is the beginning of greatness,these words inspired me to never give up and there was room for greatness... immediately she said those words I was moved to and then made up my mind to sing the more until I get better...


Months later,she had already made me perfect in my part and then I became a bass singer...she trained me to be perfect in what I thought was a weakness and a day came when we went out for song ministration and I vouch to lead the song..
I stood in the front of all and I started singing on a low note,went a bit high and came back to been low and then took it high again and I ushered them into the song...the song lasted for 8minutes and when I opened my eyes I could here clapping and seeing smiles all over the face of the audience and the people who laughed at me then...Tolani came to me and hugged me and said to me that your journey as a Choirister just start now don't relent and work on moving higher and that was another inspirational phase for me.


My Inspirational moment was when I noticed that it was actually bro Gabriel that played and parted to my song when I was singing all the time and he came to me and said..There is something great about you don't stop here work harder and you will attain unimaginable heights and since then singing became part of me and will always be till forever 💖💖💖💖


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