The moment which motivated me


Moments do not always have the comparable consequence, few can make you gloomy, multiple can give rise to happiness while various have something inspiring. But recalling them isn't easy for a person like me who is possessing numerous such moments. Let's jump straight into such a moment,
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  • Behind the scene;

Not each time you notify everyone about your success ,sometimes you have to remain tight-lipped for a while till the achievements of yours would be declared openly on drum beats. Online studies gave me a break from my recreational life where I was in the company of friends for the sake of learning and relaxation.

I spent almost a year struggling for the acknowledgement of my creativity(Uptrennd starting time).


But I didn't open my lips until one day we were asked in a lecture regarding our hobbies. I stood up and started confiding in them where and how I am toiling. Crypto was the thing which they all heard for the introductory time. Online earning gave them shock as they never speculated that it was substantial. Within 15 minutes I kept inspiring the young minds who were wasting their time on YouTube and other social media sites. At the end of class I received an enormous amount of feedback, everyone was asking about Hive. I advised them to google my name along with hive you will find everything regarding hive and my portfolio.
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  • Urge to get noticed ;

The wave of satisfaction I felt the next day when they paid tribute to me. Their words offered me encouragement that yes I am a new trendsetter. The level of motivation boosted when I was asked to entertain the audience through my post and I narrated. Still that moment in which the audience were giggling and showing their love though applause is rare. I had a dream to get popularity through my creative work and here is one of the rewards.

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I earned these madel in sports fun galla. I wrote , produced and acted in two skits which were funny and serious. An outstanding moment when a teacher would appreciate your capability in front of 800 people. So now the final dream has been achieved. There was no one to pull me back by saying that you should only focus on studies.
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  • Why it's an inspiring moment;

That day I was determined that I wouldn't look back to anything else. The love I attained through blogging is enough to stimulate and inspire me to move forward. It isn't manageable for me to keep up with studies and my home routine. But from the 4th semester of Master level studies in zoology until the 8th semester I haven't permitted my grades to decline. I never entailed and shared my zoology related info in articles because they are very boring Nah.😁 What you will find here is the fiction, short stories, comedy, movies and book reviews, social issues awareness and cross cultural stuff hehe.
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The post I narrated in front of whole university
Here is a poem to show how my feelings and emotions reacted to that day ;

In the crowd of observers,
Wrapped in a scarf I was standing,
Eyes having fear yet not flickering
Confidence of lioness
Willing to achieve the battle
Clearing my throat, realising the opponent
My roar was ample to overthrow them
I began empowering my sentiments,
Phone screen was glowing
I listened to first laughter
My Veins got auxiliary supply of blood
Second chuckle happened,
I laughed and looked above
They all were cracking up
Controlling my smile,
I inhaled and exhale fresh air
Applause and laughter indicated to me
I stop this amusement
Getting back from the arena
I saw the jealousy of my odds
Cheering of my allies
Surprise of the newbies
And proud in my own walk
I was the medalist

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