I'm excited to share my strategy for this battle. After reviewing the ruleset and considering my options, I've decided to focus on a sneak attack while also protecting against sneak with some strategic placement of my monsters.

One of my key strategies is to use monsters that have a lot of health relative to their mana cost. This is especially important in this low mana match, where every bit of mana counts. By using monsters that have a low mana cost but high health, I can create a strong defense without sacrificing too much on offense additionally under the aimless ruleset it helps defend against lucky shot that would take down a low health monster in one shot.

To further enhance my defense against sneak attacks, I am placing several non-critical monsters in the back. These monsters will absorb any sneak attacks, leaving my more important monsters free to continue attacking without fear of being taken out by a surprise attack. This is a simple but effective tactic that can help mitigate the risks associated with sneak attacks.

As for my offense, I'm focusing on a melee sneak attack strategy. Sneak attacks can be incredibly powerful when used correctly, and I'm hoping to catch my opponent off-guard with this tactic. I'm using monsters with sneak abilities and high damage output to ensure that my attacks are both stealthy and deadly.

Of course, as with any battle, there are many factors to consider. Other rulesets and the opponent's lineup can all affect my strategy. But for this particular match, I believe that my focused sneak attack, combined with a strong defense against sneak attacks, gave me the best chance of success.

Here the key to winning this battle was the speed and what better way to control speed is by slowing the whole opponent team using the


Winning aimless ruleset by using focused sneak attack!


Description: All monsters have the Scattershot ability.

Aimless ruleset is one where it seems that unless you pick a focused sneak attack with a sneak protection from opponent doing the same it becomes a very luck based match.

The Strategy

When facing the aimless ruleset, there are three options that come to mind: counter play with a strong melee team, use a magic setup, or opt for a ranged team with magic protection. The counter play approach involves focusing on sneak opportunities and focusing fire with a strong melee team. The idea here is to take advantage of the scattered targeting that comes with aimless ruleset by using melee attackers that ignore it.

On the other hand, a magic setup can be risky since magic-based monsters often have low health. However, they can also be quite powerful when used correctly, especially if they are paired with other abilities that complement their magic attacks. Finally, a ranged team with magic protection can be useful since it allows you to keep your distance from opponents and protect your magic-based monsters from attacks.

When deciding on my preferred team, I take into account various factors, including the other rulesets that are in play, the mana cap, and what my opponent is often playing. For this particular battle, I would choose a fire team that is more of a counter play approach. I use lots of sneak melee attackers to ignore the randomness of the scattershot.

To sum all of the above, while the aimless ruleset can be a challenging one, there are still viable strategies that players can employ to be successful. For me, the counter play approach with a strong sneak melee team is the best option, as it allows me to take advantage of the scattered targeting on a defensive side and ignore it altogether with my offence. Ultimately, the key to winning in Splinterlands is to be adaptable and open to new strategies, and I look forward to seeing what other rulesets the game has in store for us in the future.


As we can see my opponent chose to use a ranged team with a very strong tank and high health secondary tank:

In the first round we can see that shield provided by the Lux Vega legendary promo summoner was very effective in protecting their backline from my sneak attack, however my sneak damage dealers did manage to take out their fiend.

In round two we lost our reach monster to thorns from their tank, but it also took out their tank and we were able to take out one of their primary ranged damage dealers with our sneak attack:

And in round four it is all over:

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