My Weekly Event Rewards on CryptoBrewMaster #2 - Part 2

Hello hive community and welcome to my post where I will be sharing my earnings from weekly events on CryptoBrewMaster.

If you still don't know CryptoBrewMaster and want to know I invite you to see my guides below about the game.

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CryptoBrewMaster is a brewery simulator where you are able to earn money (fungible tokens) selling beers and ingredients that you produce, in addition there are other ways to earn money within the game such as the weekly events that is the main topic of this post.

My Weekly Event Rewards

I also earned 40 ASH for placing 7th in the Top Brewery event and as you can see I get a lot of high quality ingredients and it's also my record for MasterPiece quality ingredients won. Combined with the earnings from my post My Weekly Event Rewards on CryptoBrewMaster #2 - Part 1 which is the first part of my earnings from the weekly events, this has been an excellent week at CryptoBrewMaster.

My strategy for these ingredients is to use one part to brew beer which will be very useful to get points in next week's events and the other part I will sell in the market. I will select to sell the ingredients that I don't use to brew and the low quality ingredients and I will use the high quality ingredients to have a better chance of getting better quality beers in the brew.

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