How to make money on CryptoBrewMaster

Hello Hive community, this is my post on how to earn money in CryptoBrewMaster, a brewery simulator where you are able to earn CBM(Fungible Token) and ASH(Fungible Token) by producing beers and ingredients to sell in the market.

If you don't know how to create a CryptoBrewMaster account then I recommend you to see my post Guide to Getting Started in CryptoBrewMaster, in it you will know the first steps you need to take in the game.

Now that you know how to get into the game so let's get to the main topic which is how to earn in it.

There are several ways to earn money within the game and I will show you which are the main ones, remembering that I will present you only the basics so if you really want to increase your earnings you will have to build a strategy because CryptoBrewMaster requires you to make calculations so that you don't have losses in which investments you decide to make.

1 - The first way to earn money is to produce ingredients, for that you just need to go to buildings like Water Tower, Hops Farm, Grain Field, Malt House and Beer Academy. Each of these buildings will generate a different type of ingredient that will be used for the production of beer or if you prefer you can sell them in the market.

You will click on one of these buildings and a value will appear in CBM to rent them. The more days you rent, the lower the amount per day you will pay, but again I will say that you need a strategy so that you don't have damage with the rent.

After renting the building, just press Start and wait for the specified time. After the time runs out you will receive the ingredient and you will press to produce again and do this as many times as you can until the rent runs out.

But there are 2 important parts you need to know:

  • The first one is that the amount of ingredients you can get in one week will depend on your influence within the game, the greater it is, the more you will be able to produce. You can buy influence in the Shop for ASHS.

To talk about the second part you need to know that the ingredients have quality levels and the higher the level the higher the price you will get in the market and this quality is linked to the efficiency of the building.

  • The second part as I mentioned before is efficiency and every time you produce an ingredient/beer it will decrease the condition of the building which will affect the efficiency as well so you will need to pay a fee in CBM to restore the building, hence your calculations must contain the rental amount and the cost of restoration.

2 - The second way to make money is to produce beers with the ingredients and after you produce it, just sell it in the Market or if you don't want to wait, you can sell it in the Pub, but the price you will receive for it will be lower than what you would get selling on the market to another player.

If you prefer, you can also drink the beer to compete in the weekly events and earn rewards.

Remembering that drinking beer gives you energy which is also important for the production of ingredients because each ingredient produced requires a certain amount of energy.

3 - The third way is by completing Daily Quests. You are able to get ingredients without having to rent buildings and your only cost will be the energy which is free, but this also depends on the quest because some also cost CBM, but it is possible to have free gains just by spending energy.

A tip I can give you is that Daily Quests are only useful if you don't have enough CBM to rent the buildings because the gains in them are very low since you will only receive common ingredients. So if you have the CBM to rent the buildings then it pays more to spend your energy producing Ingredients.

4 - The fourth way to win is through the weekly events that are divided into categories and to receive the rewards you just need to rank in a position that rewards you.

The rewards are ASH and Ingredient Cards that vary in quantity according to your placement in the event.

These are the ways to win in the game that I know, but I would say it's just the basics that you need to understand, I believe there are other ways depending on how you manage your resources and I also started playing recently so I can't claim that these are all of them.

Remembering that this is not an investment tip, it's just my introduction to the CryptoBrewMaster game in which I decide to invest, so keep in mind that every investment has its risks and only invest what will not be needed.

follow the @cryptobrewmaster account to follow the news that will arrive in the game and their Twitter account

To buy or sell CBM and ASH go to Cryptex24

Soon I will do a tutorial on how to transfer Hive/HBD to Cryptex24 and also how to transfer your CryptoBrewMaster earnings to the Hive Engine

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