Guide to Getting Started in CryptoBrewMaster


Hello Hive community this is my guide on how to get started in CryptoBrewMaster which is a brewery simulator where you are able to produce beers and sell them for CBM (Fungivel Token), so you are able to earn real money in the game but for that you will need make an investment of it that I will show in my next post.

  • Steps to start playing:

1 - Go to the CryptoBrewMaster game website

2 - After accessing the site you will need to create an account, if you already have a Hive wallet then go straight to Log In and choose the option you want to enter the game.

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3 - After creating the account you will be in the game but before taking any action I recommend you read this Post about a bonus that the CryptoBrewMaster team offers for new players.

4 - Within the game you will have access to several accessible buildings that have different features.

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5 - To fully enjoy the game you will need a PassPort that costs 500 ASHS (Fungible Token) which is currently about $10 with the value of ASH at $0.02

imag 4.png

With PassPort in hand you will have access to sell your beers/ingredients on the market and get CBM tokens with them.

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Now to earn in-game earnings, you just have to produce ingredients and beers to sell in the market and also participate in weekly events, I'll explain about it in my next post where I'll show you in more detail how earnings work.

Remembering that this is not an investment tip, it's just my introduction to the CryptoBrewMaster game in which I decide to invest, so keep in mind that every investment has its risks and only invest what will not be needed.

follow the @cryptobrewmaster account to follow the news that will arrive in the game and their Twitter account

To buy ASH and CBM use Cryptex24

Soon I will do a tutorial on how to transfer Hive/HBD to Cryptex24 and also how to transfer your CryptoBrewMaster earnings to the Hive Engine.

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