Tutorial on how to transfer your CryptoBrewMaster earnings to your Hive wallet

Hello Hive community and welcome to my guide on how to transfer your CryptoBrewMaster earnings to your Hive Wallet. This is going to be a quick guide because it's quite simple to transfer your earnings, just follow the steps below.

1 - You will need to have a Cryptex24 account.

To do this, go to the Cryptex24 website and create your account. Go to Register and fill in the data they ask for.

The Additional Fields part is not mandatory so fill in only if you want.

Remembering that it is necessary to use a valid email because you will need to confirm withdrawals through the email used.

After creating the account, go to your email to verify it and that's it, now you can use it freely for your transactions.

2 - Now that you have your Cryptex24 account go to your CryptoBrewMaster account and go to your CBM wallet on the Withdrawl part to transfer your CBM or your ASH wallet on the Withdrawal part to transfer your ASH.

3 - Go to Cryptex24 in the Funds section then in Deposit.

After that, just select the CBM Token (for CBM) or ASH (for ASH) and copy your deposit wallet, paste it in the Withdrawl part of CryptoBrewMaster and wait for your tokens to fall into Cryptex24.

4 - When you have the tokens on Cryptex24, go to the Buy & Sell part.

You will find all tokens that are tradable on the platform. Go to CBM or ASH according to which token you want to sell.

And Sell as many tokens as you want.

5 - You will receive the amount in USDT and with it you will be able to Buy HIVE or HBD. After you have Hive or HBD you will go to Funds then Withdrawals and in the Hive Withdrawal Address part you will use your Hive wallet, in my case it will be kalib.

Choose the amount of Hive or HBD you will withdraw and select Allow empty Memo. Ready now just wait for your Hive/HBD to reach your wallet.

If you want to deposit CBM or ASH in CryptoBrewMaster the steps are very similar but in the Deposit part you will choose Hive or HBD, they will give you the wallet that will be cryptex24 to send the Hive/HBD and a transaction MEMO, so after having MEMO, just transfer your Hive wallet to your cryptex24 account with MEMO and your deposited amount will be in your account in a few seconds. Transferring to CryptoBrewMaster will also work in the same way but in your CBM or ASH wallet you will copy your game deposit wallet in the Withdrawal part of Cryptex24 and wait for the tokens to fall into your account.

For more information about CryptoBrewMaster you can access my guides below.

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