My Spicy 2022 Snapchat Content Scam

I've been adding people online since like 1997 back when I was 12 years old. I don't always know who I add. I don't care who I send friend request to. I started using Snapchat a lot around July of 2022. I added everybody. They added me to their groups. And then I posted the controversial content to my Snapchat around August.

I did not send the content to people in DMs or in groups. I just posted it on my Snapchat wall. Then people went to my wall and ran off with the controversial content. And then they said I sent it to them. But I did not. My username on Snapchat is JOEYARNOLDVN.



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My Spicy 2022 Snapchat Content Scam
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-08-29 - Tuesday | Published in August of 2023


Back in July of 2022, I mentioned what life was like at that time on Snapchat. It's hard to know how old people are online, especially on Snapchat. I talk to everybody in general, I don't target minors, that's fake news. Unlike the gay drag queen story hours, I don't believe in tricking children into having sex changes.

At the end of the next month, that is August, I wrote I thought I was banned off Snapchat. I was eventually able to get the account restored.

The next month in September, I mentioned my Snapchat nude leaks. I called it that because other people called it that. But they were not nudes and I didn't send it to people.

Then in October, Flopper said I was sharing my nudes "To random 14 year olds on Snapchat, he has crushed on Arya Stark and other underage characters, has admitted to being a pedo on numerous occasions, fled to Vietnam for assaulting his father's girlfriend in her own home (yes fish brain it was her home)."

I wanted to mention some of the fake news about me before I'm thrown back into prison again. You can choose to defend me or not. This article is focused on the Fake Snapchat News. But there is a lot of other fake news about me too. We're going to start with this particular story. People claim I sent nudes to people on Snapchat in 2022. That is a lie. I'm going to mention a few things in this post. But I still have more to say as I try to debunk lies and everything. There are so many points I can make. I need more time. I need more help. I've done a bad job representing myself over the years. I've given people bad first impressions. I still got a lot of work to do in trying to tell my side of the story, to be continued.

To be clear, the scam is people want you to think I sent nudes to minors. I didn't. That's fake news. It's defamation. When people said I sent nudes, I sometimes said ok. Because they were lying. But if they want to lie about me, then ok. It's bad but ok. So, I let people lie about me. But I do try to tell everybody it's a lie and a scam and a fraud and everything. They want you to think I'm bad. I try hard to defend myself all of my life. I get tired of trying to defend myself. They lie about me. So many lies. We will focus on one major lie today.

The lie is I sent nudes to people. This is not true. I did not personally send nudes to anybody. I don't even have nudes. They even made fake nudes of me. That was photoshopped. But people said I did. I wanted to talk about that a little in this article. I may provide links, references, timestamps, etc. I wanted to break down the scams people use. I wanted go on some rants and mention some of the lies people spread about me. I feel like I may not have time to talk about all of the lies. I wanted to focus on this particular lie regarding content I posted to my Snap Chat profile account back in the year 2022 around like August. I uploaded videos and photos around the month of August of 2022. Snapchat generally has two main type of accounts for people, there is a private account and a public account. I don't know if that's waht they call it or what. Both the private and the public accounts can be linked to each other. I believe that only your friends can see your private account. I think anybody can see the public part of your account on Snapchat. That's the general account. I did not post the controversial content to my public account but rather to my private account. People went to my Snapchat and started posting the content to groups I was in. I forget which year I joined Snapchat, perhaps in 2017 or at least some years nefore 2022 is my guess.I started using Snapchat a lot in 2022. I added everybody. It was not that I was looking for specific people to befriend. People sent me friend requests. I added everyone. Random people on Snapchat started adding me to groups on Snapchat. I was adding random people on Snapchat in 2022. Before you add a person, their avatar is a cartoon. After you become friends with them, you may see a real profile picture of what they really look like. Many people online are anonymous or they may not fully tell you everything about themselves. They may lie about their age. I add everybody on many websites, social media, apps, blockchain, etc, since like the 1990s, since like 1997 or something like that starting with websites and instant messengers (IM) chat room places like American On-Line (AOL) and Yahoo chat. So, for the past 26+ years since the 1990's, as in since I was like 13 years old in 1997, I have been online interacting with peope, as in since I was a kid, a child, a teen, a minor, I was online interacting. I've mentioned this before many times that I've been online for a long time. For over two decades, I would send friend requests to everybody. This is what I do. I don't know how old people are. I just add everybody. I sent out like thousands of like friend requests to random accounts on many websites for years. So, in 2022, I was adding strangers to Snapchat like I normally do. This is what I do. It's not specific to a particular website. Some of them would add me to their groups. I uploaded content onto Snapchat in 2022. People went to my private SnapChat account and stole my content. They started sharing my content in groups and in direct messages (DM) with people. I was in some of the groups and would see them share my content. The content made it to multiple websites and apps online. People said I sent the content to people. That is a lie. I'm on record saying this is a lie. I posted the content to Snapchat in 2022. I didn't sent the content to individuals in DMs or in groups. Instead, people did that. I didn't even tell people I did it. You could describe my content as Play Girl content. It would be content some women would want. I have said my content online was not made for children. My groups, websites, social media, blockchain blogs, emails, etc, are not made for children. I do not encourage kids to look at my content. I interact with people of all ages, but I'm not specifically looking to interact with kids. That is a lie as people say I'm a pedophile which is a lie. People have said I was a pedo since at least like 2013 or longer. I've mentioned that many times in articles, posts, comments, videos, messages, etc. I wanted to mention this here too. This may not be my official article designed to debunk the fake news, the lies, regarding Snapchat 2022. But for now, this is what I'm putting out there. Like I said, I may mention some of the other lies that may be out there about me that has been going around during the course of my life. But this may not be an official web page devoted to outlining all the fake news about me. I want to carefully debunk lies about me for the record. I wanted to put this out there for people to see. For those who want to know the truth or at least my side of the story, my opinions, ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, I wanted this to be a place where I could mention what I think. You can choose to believe me or not. I'm not new to scandals, I guess. The more famous you are, the more you may be lied about, just look at people like Trump, Andrew Tate, Kanye West, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, etc. If they're guilty of certain things, then you might think I am too. So, let me say I am sorry for being wordy and stuff in this article. I just wanted to say a few things from the top of my head. I may not add too many links and everything else here. I may not have the time to debunk too many of the lies and everything right now. Feel free to add your questions, answers, feedback, concerns, theories, perspective, disagreements, compliments, support, hate, etc. This is just a quick article post designed to tell you that people lie about people. Also, people don't want to take the time to research things. I was thinking of naming this article "OATMEAL IS A PEDO" which I'm not. But people screenshot and clip me all the time. Some may even take this and use this in their hit pieces against me. I'm not even that famous. But I am the most banned oatmeal in the world. I might even be murdered. I will never kill myself. I will not commit suicide. I have said this many times all of my life, like for decades, it goes without saying that I will not kill myself because I will not kill myself. I will not try to murder innocent people. I believe in peace. But people might get lawyers to take me to court over fake news. That is why I want to try to debunk the lies before it is too late. But they can always come with new lies about me. So, I may not always have time to debink every single lie. I am the real OAT. I am not FAKE OATS or let's call it FOATS for short. FAKE NEWS or FOATS. I may not use this new term all the time. But I wanted to mention it briefly. I want it archived that I do try to help people. I can talk for thousands of hours about that. I have talked about it many times. I'm not perfect but my intention is in trying to help people. I try to follow laws, rules, codes, acts, etc, within reason. I don't get the killer Covid Vaccines or wear Covid Masks. Laws like that are fake laws. They are mandates. I may not have enough money to battle people in the courts as people send lawyers and attorneys at me to bury me in legal fees. Judges and juries can convict a ham sandwich as they say. They are trying to frame me. Bad people said I shared nudes on Snapchat. I didn't send the content to anybody on Snapchat. Also, I was not nude. People edited one photo and added a fake dick to it. That's not my penis. That's not my cock. That's NOT my hot dog. First, some of 2022 Snapchat content made it to Discord in 2022. People were sharing it in the Discord server of the Memes World Productions. Roy Merrick took one photo and turned it into a GIF. Another turned the photo version of that and added a cock to it to make it look like I am stroking my cock which I am not. But this is a small sample example of how they lie about me. There may be typos in this article and in most of what I write. I rarely check what I write. I'm being wordy and redundant on purpose in what I write because I wanted to take the time to flesh out my thoughts on all of this for the record. I wanted to try to put this all out there and move on. But good people do go to prison. I can try to put out thousands of articles and videos and everything else to debunk the fake news about me. I am trying to do just that. I can spend thousands of hours showing people everything I did, said, etc. I can become the most transparent oatmeal in the world. This is part of the reasons I spend time putting out a public autobiography story of my life from my birth in Oregon in 1985 to this very day in August of 2023. I am trying harder to correct the record to debunk the lies about me and everything. But with that said, no matter how hard I try, they may still end up robbing me. They may destroy my life. They may get me arrested and imprisoned over fake news. They might murder me. They may continue to lie about me. They had cops swat me a week ago on Sunday, the 20th day of August of 2023. They sent unpaid pizza to my house around 5 times this month, August, and last month. They tried sending more pizza to me too but I told Domino's and Pizza Hutt to stop coming. They spread fake news about me. They spread fake nudes of me. They tried taking out credit cards in my name. The list goes on and on. Bad people do bad things. YouTube deleted my 10K+ videos. Many things happen to me. But I'm not here to say I'm a victim. I'm saying bad things can happen to you too. Stand your ground. Speak the truth. There are many things I want to say that may be connected to the topic of this article. I could mention the sorry article I wrote. I may make changes in my life sometimes. But I am not an evil guy. I don't know who they are, but they did bad things to me and others. But it is what it is kind of thing. So, I mentioned a few things here in this super short outline article thing. But you know there is more where that came from. I am just going to publish this as is. I am not really spell-checking this web page of text. I probably should add more links and screenshots and everything to this article. There might be a few hyperlinks in this article post that might be relevant and helpful for the topic at hand. I said people are trying to murder me or so they say. Please do not murder me. I do not want that. Please do not try to frame me. Some of them said they contacted the FBI and law enforcement, the cops, the police, the authorities, and are trying to get them to arrest me for child endangerment. I am pleading my innocence in this post by saying I was not trying to send NSFW content to children. I did NOT send nudes to kids, that's fake news. But the argument they make is I endangered children by sending them nudes. I did not send them nudes. Another lie they spread is that websites and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord are only for children. No. Wrong. These websites are for people in general. Some websites might even be made not for children or people under the age of 13 or 18. I may be doing a bad job at talking about all of this. Consider this post to be an incomplete rough draft outline preview post. I'm mostly just talking from the top of my head. I'm sure I'm going to forget to mention things I should include here. But I am just going to post this right now. I need help debunking lies about me and others. I want my fans to run my group on Discord. I may not talk about the fake news about me that started back around 2013 and 2014. Those are stories worth talking about. I want to live to the age of 300 or as long as possible. I pray I am not murdered or falsely imprisoned over fake news. But we will see. I need a lot of help. I believe I am not guilty. But I was in prison in 2012. We don't have time to talk about that. Many things has happened in my life. But we keep on going. We keep on trucking. I may not take the time to show you how I did not send inappropriate content to minors on Snapchat in 2022. They could photoshop messages and lie to say I did. But I did not. I may not dig in to try to find the exact posts I published on Snapchat in 2022. I believe you cannot honestly proof I sent nudes to kids. Because I didn't. What other lies are out there about me? People take me out of context. There are many examples of this. We don't have time to talk about it. But people screenshot and clip me all the time. They will not tell me the context. Sometimes I'm sarcastic and stuff. Sometimes I'm being ironic as I play the two truths and a lie game. For example, for years people said I'm a pedo since 2013 or longer on record online, it's documented, archived, past ten years or longer. They also say this to everybody. It's like an insult. Kind of like when people say you're racist. It doesn't mean you're absolutely a racist. You might be or maybe not. People would insult me many times. This is normal because trolls insult people. Some of them might think I am bad but I am not. But sometimes I will lie and say ok I am a pedo. But I am not a pedo. But I always say I am NOT a pedo many times for years. But a few times I might joke around or say ok I am. But I'm not. But I did it a few times over the years to prove a point that they will screenshot it. They'll clip anything. If I said I'm a dinosaur and I live in another galaxy, they might clip that believe it. But it's satire. I put out a video online on the first day of April of 2015 saying I'm gay. I uploaded the video to Facebook and YouTube on that day, April Fool's Day. People believed me. I later said I'm not gay. I put out another video saying I'm not gay because I'm not. I aint gay. But people choose to believe what they want. Same thing with the pedo thing. I found it to be satire to say ok I am a pedo in my group on Discord around July of 2023, as in last month, because they kept on asking me if I was a pedo every day for weeks. They also said I was a pedo. So I was like ok. But I was just trying to make a point. I do that sometimes. I might do crazy things to make points. But perhaps there is no point in doing so if you can't change their mind. So, I'm not here to talk too much about which battles in life I'm choosing to take on or not, like which hills I'm willing to die on kind of thing. I may be changing in that regards to which battles I focus on. I could probably spend thousands of hours talking about all of that as well. It may be very difficult to dig out the exact timeline of events relating to my activity on Snapchat in 2022. It was mostly me adding everybody. I would send messages to everybody. I didn't target minors. I was simply interacting with everybody. And they asked me to make videos for them. So, I would. And then I would share my videos on my Snapchat too. I would send them the videos in DMs and in the groups they added me to on Snapchat. I've been adding people online since like 1997 back when I was 13 years old. I don't always know who I add. I don't care who I send friend request to. I started using Snapchat a lot around July of 2022. I added everybody. They added me to their groups. And then I posted the controversial content to my Snapchat around August. I did not send the content to people in DMs or in groups. I just posted it on my Snapchat wall. Then people went to my wall and ran off with the controversial content. And then they said I sent it to them. But I did not. Also, I see kids sharing porn, nudes, in groups to each other on Snapchat. But I didn't do that. But they do. And then they lie and say I did. But I didn't. I find that to be hypocritical on their part. Me sharing content on my Snapchat wall is the same as porn stars posting literal porn on their Twitter wall, only difference is I didn't post actual nudes. But children see the porn on Twitter and they go to websites like Porn Hub. And Snapchat is retarded as it does not tell you who you are adding. There is no information. It's not like Facebook where there might be a bio of information about the person. All you get is a cartoon profile picture, a display name, and a username. I am talking about the private accounts which is different than the public accounts which people can follow and which you might see more info regarding.

My spicy 2022 Snapchat Content is at least in part a sequel to Spaceman & Diaper Boy which was a short movie I made with Lincoln Hawk in 2009. In 2022, Dead Wing Dork made a video about me. Chrissie Mayr put a short clip of me in the intro of her Simpcast show. And on top of that, Memes World Productions was making memes and a documentary about me. Some of the memes featured screenshot pictures from the Spaceman video I was in from 2009. The idea of the sequel is what is Diaper boy doing now.

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