Building Oatmeal

Boldly going where no oatmeal has gone before, you have to go in to get out and get out to go in.

In this rough draft outline article, I mentioned what I'm building and about debunking lies people spread about me.

My trolls run around trying to tear me down even as I'm trying to brand and organize all of my projects. I've mentioned some of the fake news about me which strangle up my garden like the weeds that they are. Take a step back and a deep breath.


I'm looking for people interesting in building up my brand, in organizing and sharing my content, in debunking lies told about me, and in people who do cool things in general. All those interested should join my Discord server.


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Building Oatmeal
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-10-12 - Thursday | Published in October of 2023


Purpose of the post is talking about Building Oatmeal and the challenges that come with that. I'm looking for people who want to help with branding me and everything that comes with that. Building Oatmeal involves summarizing in timelines and directories some general outlines and logs covering the story of my life and autobiography. I've been spending years working on a variety of projects which tend to come and go at times. Over the course of my life, I've felt pressed for time leading to taking on too much work all at once. I've made mistakes which I've mentioned many times for years. I wanted to mention how I've engaged in satire and perhaps a variety of things. For the record, trolls will cite soundbites, screenshots, headlines, quotes, words, phrases, satire, jokes, irony, and a variety of things which are generally out of context or absurd. Like Infowars Alex Jones, I've said and done crazy things. One example is when I said at times that I rape children. There is context there that goes without saying. During the summer of 2023, that was one of the crazy things I said which was in a crowd of other crazy things too. First off, I said rape as in present-tense continuous as in active as in right now. I also said I murder people. I would need to look up everything I wrote or said. But if I said I was 90 feet tall, would you tell people you know a giant? No. Most people would laugh at such an idea. I said crazy things as to troll them knowing they would run off with it. But it was fake news. But they were harassing me for months or even years asking me if I was a pedophile which such accusations may go back to 2013 or farther. I decided to say what they wanted me to say. But this came after I said I was not a pedo in my Discord server, in my posts, articles, daily blog, Twitter, etc. I kept on saying I'm not. But they continued saying yes you are. So, my counter was to say ok I am. But I also said a bunch of things too. I'll give you an example of this. If you asked me if I robbed a bank, I might say no. Imagine you tell everybody I did millions of times each day for months. And then imagine I then said ok I did. Even as I said many times I didn't. Then imagine I say not only did I rob one bank but all the banks. Imagine I said I rob banks as in right now. Rob as in robing. Imagine I said I stole all the money in the world. But that is probably not true. I probably didn't rob all the banks or rape all the children. Truth be told, I never raped children. I'd be tempted to execute rapers. But I shouldn't have to put out an article stating this assuming you already know my character and nature. But trolls love to make stuff up. They were already making up stuff about me. So, I decided to let them take me out of context as they already were. If I write something, it could be satire. It could be a quote. It could be a typo. The purpose of articles like this is to correct the record which goes without saying. Troll won't be studying this page of text even if they happen to stumble upon this. I'm just going dump all these words onto the Internet for now as an incomplete rough draft preview teaser trailer. I may not add enough links, references, quotes, etc. I could always come back and add more to this article. But for now, know that trolls have tried taking me down. Some of them might not be trolls. Do know this might not be my official page for introducing people to the fake news disinformation misinformation defamation that goes around about me. I was thinking about debunking each lie told about me as they come. I may consider doing that for the record. I'm looking for people who not only want to help me build oatmeal but also try to debunk lies about me. I'm way too busy juggling too many things in life. I barely feel capable of writing all this out. I've confessed I've given myself bad first impressions too many times in life. It's tough to summarize the bad I did in life be it crimes, mistakes, sins, transgressions, iniquities, offenses, hate speech, etc. I've apologized, I've said sorry in previous articles and videos. I could probably do a better job outlining that. But at the same time, people conflate between what I did wrong with fake news about me. It's easy to look at surface level things at the tip of the iceberg or only read the headlines to articles as most do. I'm trying to build things to help introduce new people to me be it websites, articles, videos, GIFs, tweets, words, text, photos, memes, TikTok, YouTube, Elon Musk's Twitter X, blogs, forums, email, mobile, and more. Many times, I've declared my innocence to hearsay accusations/allegations. I promoted Sound of Freedom as I'm against sex traffickers and always have been on record. So, it's comedic irony for trolls to accuse me of what I've been against all my life. Kind of hard to build oatmeal if you can't tear down the lies.

I don't know how deep I should into the fake news about me in this article, I often don't know where to begin, I've mentioned some of it already. But as I think out loud, I want to recognize the lies. Now, to an extent, trolls lying about me is a distraction. I know that but I wanted to out this out there in order to make some points. My intent is not to always talk about the fake news all the time. I guess it depends but for the most part I wanted to be on the record to focus on some of these issues relating to my first roughly four decades of my life since I was born in the year 1985. I may want to move the text in this article to a new page so I can update and better organize and summarize what I want to say in this post you're reading right now. Problem is I want to connect all the dots and talk about everything that might be related to the topics of this article therein. Part of my issue is my mind is scattered all over as I'm thinking about so many things all at once. My thoughts come out disorganized and everything. I wanted this article to talk about what I'm trying to build as a content creator and everything else. I may not say a whole lot about my projects and work right now. I may not even say too much about the fake news. Those are two main topics and I'm kind of stuck in limbo between those two items. I also may not include too many links and everything on this page. I was also considering changing the title to this article, Building Oatmeal. I may not do that. My Discord server is here to help people meet new people. I want to let people advertise, debate, and many different things. I did fail at trying to get many people interested in me by spreading fake news about me myself by doing satire and whatever else a few times. It's similar to the 2015 April Fools Day video I posted of me saying I'm gay and then I said just kidding. But you would know I was not gay based on everything from my life. Same thing with other fake news about me like how I am not a pedo or murderer even if I say I am. Trolls are holding onto my soundbites, screenshots, headlines, quotes, satire, irony, GIFs, fake nudes, incomplete sentences, paradoxes, and other such items taken out of context/character in an attempt to discredit me and destroy my life. Whether they know it or not, they're spreading fake news in doing so. I have millions of things I'm always trying to do/make/upload/publish/release/create/finish/design/invent/start/spread including things like videos, articles, memes, photos, projects, ideas, GIFs, websites, posts, lists, outlines, directories, and more. On that list includes working on my autobiography, home videos, debunking fake news about me, etc. If anything happens to me, I was probably robbed, raped, tortured, lied about, framed, illegally imprisoned again, destroyed, abused, assaulted, and murdered as I will not kill myself, I will not commit suicide. So, I'm publishing this article as is so that it is out there in case something does happen to me. In the meanwhile, I will continue to work on millions of things in my life. Trolls aren't really reading this or at least most won't spend too much time analyzing everything I say here or anywhere. In some ways, talking about it is a waste of time. But I wanted you to know I'm a good person. I don't know if I have to say that as you should already know that. I confess to not always being like more careful as I was bad at representing myself giving others bad first impressions of me as my work especially online was terribly organized as in so disorganized and many things. I was bad at representing myself many times for many reasons. We may not have time here to unpack that. But do know I try talking about that about how and why I took the actions I did in my life whether good or bad or whatever, like right or wrong, etc. But people conflate what I did with what I didn't. When I put out content, I'm not always telling people if it's sarcasm, satire, irony, paradoxes, contradictions, etc. There has been reasons why I did that which we may not want to get into right now. Good thing my trolls are not reading this. Like Trump, I like the idea of seeing who might stay loyal or become my friend/partner/supporter/contributor/family in the mist of storms as I crash at times. I was curious who might be my real friends when times get tough. In order to build oatmeal, you may want to debunk lies and find an inner circle team who can have your back as times get tough. For me, I may have a few people on that team but I often feel like it's not good enough. You could get people who knew me in real life to lie about me or at least fabricate fake quotes from them to scam people similar to what my trolls do when they scare people into leaving my Discord server even as they dox me, have my SSN; as they steal pizza and commit identity theft on me. I don't know how many of them seriously think I'm bad. Am I wasting my time as I try to debunk lies? Can I try to debunk lies? Is it worth my time to outline my life? Which lies about me should I debunk? Maybe I have a million more questions but what are yours?

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