Member Management Addendum

This is an addendum to our Member Management Notes published in our Hive Guild Community.

To find the latest version of this addendum, follow the appropriate link in the footer of the latest Member Management Notes.

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  1. General guidelines
  2. Privileges when brawling
    2.1. Some thoughts about multiple favorites
  3. Guild blogs
  4. Contributions
  5. Auctioned open spot

1. General guidelines

If someone joins or re-joins and does not contribute any DEC within their first 2 hours (in words: two) they may be removed without notice, for opening up our open spot again for those who do read these procedures beforehand. (And there has been at least one exception to this first rule already.)

Activity means to contribute DEC or Quest Scrolls to the guild's buildings within the recent brawl (usually five days). The score is a product of contributed DEC multiplied by contributed Scrolls, in which 0 Scrolls are not considered, so then the score is equal to the contributed DEC.

If all account spots are active until the end of a top-up auction and no account passive for too long, the relevant spots are recalculated at the end of auction and the account in last place is going to be removed.

If not all accounts are active, the passive account with the lowest number of scrolls of all passive accounts will be removed, if it remains passive for the time of two additional brawl (usually another five days). Then no auction will take place.

There had already been at least one case in witch we needed to remove a highly decorated long time contributing member for becoming passive. This case is documented at

And there had already been at least two exception to the above rules, when there would have been removed an account with only slightly less scrolls than another, from which significantly more DEC was irregularly invested in the guild buildings over a longer period of time. Or with only being passive shortly at a lot of contributions. These cases are documented at

For more historical annotations on how these procedures are followed in detail, see @anjanida/member-management-notes-qy1lzp

2. Privileges when brawling

There is a lot of pressure in brawling, especially in the lower leagues. Some players contribute a lot of DEC for guild buildings and have a hard time getting into appropriate frays. Therefore we also take into account our guild scores when brawling.

Those who are higher in the score list will get the privilege to claim a Fray against those below. However, a favorite must be proclaimed in the in-game guild chat BEFORE the start of the respective prep phase, so that everyone can know which frays are under high demand at the start of the prep phase. And these privileges are only valid within the first 24 hours of the prep phase. The Frays that are still open afterwards can be self-assigned, regardless of the privileges, so that no Fray remains open.

In other words: Whoever has named a favorite (see score list) sometime before the start of a brawl (end of the auction) will be given the privilege to lay claim to that Fray within the first 24 hours of the preparation phase, in case someone else has assigned to the particular Fray, provided the account that is ousted does not also have the same favorite and is higher in our score table. Within the second 24 hours those claims will be fulfilled based on the above list from top to bottom. Whoever then still has not vacated such a Fray themself - in order to hopefully look for another one on which no claim has been formulated - will unfortunately be removed from the ongoing brawl and need to look forward to the next.

Further ideas and comments to this procedure are welcome!

2.1. Some thoughts about multiple favorites

Anyone can proclaim different favorites for different Tiers. Yet not multiple different frays anymore, see @anjanida/our-favorite-frays-and-tier-considerations-splinterlands-guild-brawls

3. Guild blogs

Please share links to your brawl battles worth watching in the chat or even post your own blog articles. See mine at created/hive-179856 or created/hive-13323

4. Contributions

Please keep an eye on our ANNOUNCEMENTS to see which guild buildings we are currently expanding.

On 6/18/2020 we exhausted our membership limit for the first time. Since we want to give interested players the chance to promote by displaying the guild name, we'll keep at least one member slot open for new members on a regular basis. On 6/25/2020 we removed members for the first time due to pressure to our open spot. If YOU have been removed, please come back again if you want to play with us.

On 6/7/2020 we learned that SCROLLS are counted for the Quest Lodge only 24 hours after a new member joined a guild. So it might be well worth the wait. This procedure can have changed since then without us having noticed.

On 5/21/2021 we finally reached Guild Hall level 4 from all of our contributions. That's so nice to finally have the 18th spot and collect even more scrolls each season. Since then Level 5 has increased this once more. Just as a reminder: We saved up 20,000 DEC in 9 months and then with Brawls 10,000 DEC in just 6 weeks. And 10,000 DEC initially for the Arena level 1 on top of all of that. Not to mention what has been contributed to initiate the guild in the first place. And we even topped this since then a couple of times. Awesome! Thanks to all of you!! Brawls do make a difference here.

In May 2022 we eventually reached a new era in Member Management, because the second to last spot has been taken by a player with a four figure guild score, see @anjanida/member-management-notes-rca22s

We again want to remind everyone of the member management we do here. We sometimes had a hard time to decide who's account is going to be removed. Activity is key! So if you're not contributing Scrolls or DEC within the recent brawl, that means you are not active. In order that no one can buy into the guild without activity, the passive account that has collected the fewest Scrolles leaves the guild first, no matter the DEC contribution. Unfortunately, the Scrolls are not accumulated if one has left the guild in the meantime. In any case, the intention is that the amount of DEC contributed will only come into play if all members are either active or have newly (re)joined. So keep an eye on that. And most importantly: Have fun battling!

Yes, we enjoy connecting people! Let's have a #FHREE fray! ;-) And don't forget to visit our external chat via Peakd. The link is found in-game at our about tab.

5. Auctioned open spot

Just for having that clear: When all member spots are filled, we are in a top-up auction that ends at the start of every next brawl.

There will be no single winner of an auction but a single looser. There is no refund. The benefit goes to the guild as a whole. So every bid will be a donation, just like before. The loser will be the player whose score is the smallest (see General guidelines). The loser is removed from the guild if there is no open spot already or if no passive player is to be removed instead of this player. Unfortunately when a former member re-joines a guild, the DEC and scrolls counters will be zero. Please be aware of that. We hope this membership competition plays out well.

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