Our favorite Frays and Tier considerations - [Splinterlands Guild Brawls]

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This time we spontaneously decided to go from Tier 2 back to Tier 1 for the 87th brawl (from June 2 to 7). However, since 16 frays from Tier 2 now are only 13 frays again, the fray assignments became a mess.

From this experience I suggest we get rid of multiple fray favorites (as in "Bronze/Novice all cards" or "any Silver, preferably all cards", see past Addendum, Point 2.1) for having clear statements of favorites in any particular Tier.

So from that idea, there are the folloving possible favorites, and any claim within the first 24 hours of the prep stage is valid, provided the account that is ousted does not also have the same favorite and is higher in our score table. A favorite must be proclaimed before a brawl starts, so make use of changing your favorite early. And if our Tier changes, your favorite will be valid accordingly. So make sure you proclaim a favorite for both Tiers, e.g. "Tier 1 favorite 8/9 and Tier 2 favorite 11", or whatever you prefer.

Tier 1Tier 2
1/2 Novice all cards1 Novice all cards
3 Novice CL2 Novice CL
4 Novice A/B
5/6 Bronze all cards3/4 Bronze all cards
7 Bronze CL5 Bronze CL
6 Bronze A/B
8/9 Silver all cards7/8 Silver all cards
10 Silver CL9 Silver CL
10 Silver U/D/CL
11 Gold all cards
12 Gold U/D/CL
11 GF Bronze all cards13 GF Bronze all cards
12 GF Bronze CL14 GF Bronze U/D/CL
13 GF Silver all cards15 GF Silver all cards
16 GF Silver U/D/CL

Please let me know of any question, idea or veto you want to see considered.

A bit of hindsight

We had our move to Tier 2 with the 72nd brawl, see our 71th brawl statistics and Arena upgrade to Tier 2.

Since I have not published any statistics from those brawls yet, all the statistics are still in the drafts only. The statistics are meanwhile published. That we actually brawled in Tier 2 was not the case with brawl 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 nor 78, but finally with 79. Anyway, back in May 2021, I wrote an article on the subject of arena upgrades, which I've often pulled out again when the topic came up. Back in January 2022 I crafted an update with a clearly arranged table that holds a favorite fray column that we may update some time. By now we may simply stick to proclaimed favorites in the regular Member Management Notes.

Screenshot at 2022-06-04 06-37-07 anjanida select a fray.png

3 columns
2 columns
1 column
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