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@m-mirage-e, thank you for being with us that long. Farewell! Looking forward to read from you again! From your massive contribution of 5k DEC you'll be active an additional brawl, so your departure is postponed for now. Yet it looks like there will be another open spot soon for someone new to join and stay.

Screenshot at 2022-06-28 22-57-13 brawl92 m-mirage-e goodbye.png

We have a lot of drama in our guild and obviously still are not over it. Here is when I first noted some words about it. I don't want to lay it more open here now. But that much: From me asking whether to change the card for Barracks "Banish I" I was accused for being tyrannical once again. Well, yes, once again: I am not here to discuss the procedures, but to defend them. If it takes a tyrant to do this, let's be a good and open tyrant. All this management is not done in 20 minutes. It takes hours after hours every week. And I am not doing it because I was asked to do it, but because I like what we do here - especially with a #FHREE perspective. #FHREE does not mean everything is perfect. It does mean, that we can be open to each other, forgive, and improve.

If someone wanted to replace the guild chat with Discord, I think that was a bad idea. I saw it as an addition and was very happy about it. I definitely was! It takes work after all, that is so true! But I did not ask for it. And if now other things (and even games) are more important for those involved and the financial situation causes additional tension, so be it. I will not be able to absorb the drama, nor apologize for anything I still can't see. And how can I see something if it is deleted? Could it have been the guild that would have been deleted? Would I have been removed if it had been possible? Deleting an entire server without notice doesn't exactly show reliability. Well then, we are still here.

To that end, I came across a quote from Naomi Aldort the other day that is even more fitting than I thought it was two weeks ago when I was actually looking for something else from her:

We may find it difficult to put our own emotional reactions aside - our anger, upset, and unresolved problems from our own childhood [and past life]. These are real obstacles to helping [others]. When reaction seems unavoidable, I remove myself from the scene (not necessarily physically), take a breath and "time out" for myself. I try to get in touch with the trigger of my emotions and cry, and I question the validity of my thoughts, expectations and assumptions. I always find that non are true and that without these thoughts I am the loving and mother I want to be.

So if anyone wants to step up and open another Discord, you're welcome. It makes it so much easier for staying in touch and conversing about cards, frays life and things. I don't see any way to do this for our guild as well. That was the case, and that is still the case. Where I am on another subject:

I did not stop publishing the statistics from the lack of priorities. I stopped it when the results phase stalled and battles where seemingly missing. I hoped it would resolve, but it went on that way for a couple of brawls. But those statistics are all there, in my drafts and with screenshots on my hard drive. That alone takes a lot of time every time, since what I jot down is not automatic. They are just not published because it became pent-up work that I always did alone. No one asked what support I could use, and I didn't expect it. Three days ago I was almost ready to resume the series. But now I am consuming our scarce time here with stories and drama again. So let's stop it. I see you on the battle field!

PS: There is one additional occasion I wanted to note down and document, when I removed a prospect in under two hours this time and overruled the procedures. I put an asterisk to the account in question to the time table and add to it at the very bottom of this post.

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  • Timetable
  • Internal Player Score Table
  • If you are new to this
    • What we expect from any member, in a nutshell
  • Link to addendum
  • Documentation of a removal


06/04 12:00 PM CEST - top-up auction ending, one account will be removed
07/03 01:36 AM CEST - @fellonious joined
07/03 00:05 AM CEST - @athannn removed because of ignoring this text
07/02 01:05 PM CEST - @athannn joined
07/01 10:11 PM CEST - @maoymamoshie removed because of ignoring this text
07/01 04:36 PM CEST - @maoymamoshie joined
07/01 04:14 PM CEST - @demonking03 removed because of ignoring this text
06/30 02:34 PM CEST - @demonking03 joined
06/30 12:58 PM CEST - @aaustino removed because of ignoring this text*
06/30 11:19 AM CEST - @aaustino joined
06/29 10:39 PM CEST - @endri99 removed because of ignoring this text
06/29 10:42 AM CEST - @endri99 joined
06/29 10:37 AM CEST - @driesc removed because of ignoring this text
06/29 12:03 AM CEST - @driesc joined
06/28 11:01 PM CEST - @kopito removed because of ignoring this text
06/28 06:15 PM CEST - @kopito joined
[previous timetable]

Internal Player Score Table

Actively contributing accounts within the recent blawl and its position by score:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledfavorite Tier 1f/T 2

Passive accounts with no DEC or Scroll contribution within the recent blawl:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledDays agoTier 1 favoriteTier 2 fav

@amfrak is expected to add a scroll within this auction for becoming active again, and even if not, this here with under 10 days of passivity is just the warning that activity is missing. So that is why
@fellonious is scheduled for removal without outpacing @amfrak by higher score.

For more recent notes an unofficial draft is at

If you are new to this

Become familiar with the member management, please. Because the guild spots are precious, the last in our list will be removed regularly. That is part of our procedure as noted in the addendum linked at the bottom. And if you don't acknowledge all this within the first 2 hours after you joined, you may be removed without notice right away. How can we know? Well, you'll see! And any questions are welcome anytime!

Please understand, it is not on me to show comprehension. I'll do the best I can! Though this guild is somewhat managed like a DAO. That is Decentral Autonomous Organisation. So I simply follow the procedures that have evolved here by now. And for when you become passive and no one can reach out to you in time, ugly things can happen. As documented in past notes. See e.g. @anjanida/member-management-notes-defc067f6e74f

If you want to join and stay, we can make that happen even with presently no open spot available. We may schedule it for that you can be there the moment our weakest contributor is removed. Sounds familiar somehow? Like with a mob abandoning their weakest offspring to survive a predator attack. Your contribution needs to be enough for not being the weakest. Everyone who got removed is welcome any time again. It's just that contributions from earlier are at zero any time an account re-joines.

What we expect from any enduring member, in a nutshell:

Priority A: Some contribution within the last 2 brawls. Without at least 1 DEC even a quest scroll will make this, if the Lodge is not maxed out for the rest of a season.

Priority B: Be not the weakest contributor in our mob the moment an auction ends. This moment is when a new brawl starts. The second to last score in the list is bold highlighted. That is the tide you need to take in DEC without scrolls added to the lodge yet for outpacing that account.

Link to addendum

For our recent Member Management Notes Addendum with general guidelines and procedures see

Documentation of a removal

As mentioned in the Post Scriptum of the Preface, this time I removed a prospect in under two hours. The account had joined under two hours before the start of the brawl (see asterisk) and placed itself into fray 8.

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-04-40 brawl92 freeloader in question.png

In order not to prematurely condemn the user of the account as a freeloader, I acquired a picture of it. It had no gladiators.

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-08-42 brawl92 aaustino no gladiators.png

In the account, only a few cards were playable that were NOT Death or Neutral.

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-09-24 brawl92 aaustino nothing but death.png

It had a completely maxed out Death Splinter playable in the deck, which turned out to be rented.

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-10-41 brawl92 aaustino maxed out death commons.png

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-10-30 brawl92 aaustino maxed out death rare.png

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-10-18 brawl92 aaustino maxed out death epics.png

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-10-02 brawl92 aaustino maxed out death ledgendaries.png

Because there were only six common cards in the ownership of the account at that time.

Screenshot at 2022-06-30 12-11-00 brawl92 aaustino owns 6 lvl1 commons.png

I could not stand by and watch this account gaining merits in this way. And that's why I removed the account before the deadline specified in our procedures. Since fray 8 would then remain open, since no one claimed the fray to get rid of a freeloaders, I made the appointment with my daughter to use the fray - and lent her account my cards to grab points for us in silver.

To watch over all this, to decide and also to document it again took ample time. I will now leave it at that. I wished I had more time to even address the Silver fray that had been left open before, maybe looking for an eager player. So anyway, continued success to all of us!

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