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For more details on how these notes are meant see @anjanida/member-management-notes-qy1lzp

Today I have reason to grieve. And I feel the need to share this. I removed one of our highly decorated teammates because their account has not actively contributed to the guild for well over seven days. It was foreshadowed yesterday, but there was no such thing until now. And I didn't like doing that. But it reminds me of how endings belong to beginnings, just as death belongs to life.

@szalony, if you see this, I appreciate a comment. Because it's actually not like anything happened to you. At least not that I can already know about. I've also seen users actually go missing and from one moment to the next there's suddenly no sign of life. More about that in a moment, because I really didn't make it easy for myself. In this respect, I also see reason for joy. Maybe it was intentional, maybe accidental. In any case, you are welcome again.

Before I made a cut like this, I tried to make sure if anyone else could make contact with @szalony. If no other means presents itself over the weeks and months we played together (such as our guild discord), the only thing left in the end is the guild chat.

And what I am showing here now is not the first attempt to make contact, but only the last.


Already yesterday, when publishing the previous Member Management Notes, I took a look into the battle log and saw league activity. I hoped that a contributed quest scroll was the least to happen for not to get into the situation of removing a long time companion.

When I went back to the PC today hoping to find an active contribution, I found no such thing. What I did find was activity in the league. So the account was actively played again since my search for contact. Only the completion of a quest did not happen.



So now, in order not to take advantage of anyone as far as guild management goes, I saw myself at the point of removing you from the guild.


If that was a smart contract, it would have happened without my intervention. And down here in the notes there are even two cases named, for which I think it was good that not a machine decides here (which someone programmed), but human proportionality is possible.

Be that as it may, I would have preferred to show my grief immediately, but real life liabilities had to take precedence. Life happens between battles, right?


So I was tending a garden during the day - which I don't usually do - and trimmed several hedges. And had the luck, together with my family, to observe a fox in there neighborhood.


After some more chores and dinner, I now finally had the chance to write these lines. There's a fresh start for @theravox, who snatched the open spot just seconds after it became available - unaware of what it means to battle in our guild.


So I am looking forward to the time we share, the relationships we grow and the goodbyes we celebrate. Here are my usual notes from today.

11/01 11:07 AM CEST - @theravox joined
11/01 11:00 AM CEST - top-up auction ended, one account was removed
10/31 ??:?? - top-up auction began
48 hour mark

New members who joined less then 48 hours before auction ending:
-- none

Actively contributing accounts within 7 days and its position by score:

SpotAccountCalculated onScoreDECScrollsTimes brawledFray favorite
1@thelunacysystem11/01/211,990,58455,294364410 Silver Untamed
2@anjanida11/01/21946,81323,09341418/9 Silver all cards
3@sm-rules11/01/21504,49416,274314211 Bronze GF only
4@anjadani11/01/21298,20014,20021275/6 Bronze all cards
5@jk42011/01/21258,3849,2282836any Bronze, preferably all cards
6@prxhunter11/01/21202,81216,90112191 Novice all cards
9@m-mirage-e11/01/2179,9002,35034445 to 10 any fray
10@naive-god11/01/2175,27110,7537135 Bronze all cards, 4 Novice Alpha/Beta alternatively
11@sodom-lv11/01/2139,2611,70723121/2 Novice all cards
13@tld0511/01/2121,1687562823Any Novice/Bronze

@szalony removed :-(

For more recent notes an unofficial draft is at

General guidelines

The score is a product of contributed DEC multiplied by contributed scrolls, in which 0 scrolls are not considered, so then the score is equal to the contributed DEC.

If all accounts are active until the end of the auction, the relevant spots are recalculated at the end of auction and the account in 18th place is removed.

If not all accounts are active, the passive account with the lowest number of scrolls of all passive accounts will be removed, if it remains passive until the end of the auction. Then no auction will take place.

There has already been at least two exception to the above rules, when there would have been removed an account with only slightly less scrolls than another, from which significantly more DEC was irregularly invested in the guild buildings over a longer period of time. Or with only being passive shortly at a lot of contributions. These cases are documented at

Privileges when brawling

There is a lot of pressure in brawling. Some players contribute a lot of DEC for guild buildings and have a hard time getting into the frays. Therefore we will also take into account our guild scores when brawling.

Those who are higher in the list will get the privilege to claim a Fray against those below. However, a favorite must be proclaimed in the guild chat BEFORE the start of the respective prep phase, so that everyone can know which frays are without privileges at the start of the prep phase. And these privileges are only valid within the first 24 hours of the prep phase. The frays that are still free afterwards can be self-assigned, regardless of the privileges, so that no fray remains free.

In other words: Whoever has named a favorite (see list above) sometime before the start of a brawl (end of the auction) will be given the privilege to lay claim to that fray within the first 24 hours of the preparation phase, in case someone else has assigned to the particular fray without privilege. Within the second 24 hours those claims will be fulfilled based on the above list from top to bottom. Whoever then still has not vacated such a fray himself - in order to hopefully look for another one on which no claim has been formulated - will unfortunately be removed from the ongoing brawl and need to look forward to the next.

Further ideas and comments to this procedure are welcome!

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